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    How Nina Lekhi bagged success with ‘Baggit’!

    In this blog, we look at the entrepreneurial journey of the founder of Baggit, Nina Lekhi and how one of the failures of her life ushered the start of an international brand.

    Nina was a born creative and had a passion for painting. At 18 years old, she faced one of her life’s most harsh failures when she failed the first year of an art diploma she had been pursuing. She showed immense grace in bouncing back from this setback which is minting her millions, today!

    Nina had a diverse handbag collection, each bag for a different purpose. Taking inspiration from her own closet, she began designing a variety of handbags herself. She noticed that at the time, the market lacked ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ bags and took it upon herself to meet this need. Thus, her ‘Bags with Attitude’ were born. With a startup capital of INR 7000 that her mother invested in her dream, she slowly, but surely began taking over the fashion world. Her handbags were designed to not only be of good quality but also of enough capacity for maximum storage of items. She also designed her bags according to international standards and sold them at a reasonable price.

    Nina began marketing her product at exhibitions in hotels such as Oberoi Mall. She also sold a lot of bags during her time as a salesgirl at a fashion boutique where she stocked her handbags. She hit the jackpot when Shoppers Stop launched in the market and collaborated with her brand. Today, her business is worth around 1000 crores with over a thousand stores globally.

    Nina Lekhi’s story is an inspiration to all of us showing us how a significant failure in your life can drive you to reach such great heights of success!

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