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    THIS is how your startup can gain exposure and recognition!

    Do you have a dream to start your own business? Are you a trailblazer? Do you see yourself as an excellent leader and a boss? Your entrepreneurial skills can help you start your very own brilliant business.
    In this blog, AVCOE has a few tips on how you can make sure everyone knows and is talking about your brand new venture!

    Be present online
    With Google being the best way to find and be found, it is obvious that your startup needs to be ‘Google-able’. Submit your company to be listed in various such online directories that expose you to new audiences.

    Make sure you learn the ins and outs of SEO marketing. Read up on the craft of increasing your ranking through effective SEO backlinks.

    Socialize on social media
    Build your brand image on the vast world of social media where anyone from any part of the world can discover your product or service. Host competitions, create hashtags, follow and engage with other businesses from your industry, and use appropriate CTAs.

    Network, network, and network!
    Try to attend as many conferences, seminars, award shows and other events that you can to build your network. Make it a point to introduce and have a conversation with like-minded individuals in your industry and give out as any business cards as you can.

    Here is a list of events you can attend in 2020 to expand your network.

    • Startup Grind Global 2020, USA
    • 4 Years From Now, Spain
    • Connect Bogotá Open Innovation Summit, Columbia
    • Latitude59, Estonia
    • Collision, Canada
    And many more.

    For more informative blogs, stay tuned to https://avcoe.blogspot.com/

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