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    Shubhra Chaddha: The mind behind Chumbak

    One day, Shubhra was staring at the beautiful fridge magnets she had brought home from her and her husband’s trip abroad. That’s when she realized that the Indian market did not offer something this unique to its culture. Indian souvenirs often consisted of shawls, showpieces or handcrafts ...and that is how Chumbak was born!

    Shubhra Chaddha and her husband Vivek Prabhakar began an entrepreneurial venture together. They sold their home which was worth INR 45 lacs to seed fund their business! They started Chumbak in Bangalore initially only offering fridge magnets, but today they have stores all across India and offer a variety of products ranging from wallets, keys, phone covers, chains, jewelry, bags, and more! They have a total of 400 product categories in 150 stores pan-India. Shubhra believed that Indian designs were not marketed the right way and if that were done, it would reach a wider audience. Her brand encompasses pride for our culture and globalization of the same all into one. She has combined contemporary art with the spirit of our nation and produced a truly unique brand, the first of its kind.

    Chumbak began as an online store in 2010 and in 2013, they set up their first office in Bangalore. They may have begun with their seed capital of INR 45 lacs, but after making smart business decisions and partnering with the right vendors, Shubhra and Vivek were able to raise $28,868,814 in funding from Narayan Ramachandran, Gaja Capitals, and Blacksoil.

    Slowly but surely, Chumbak went from a souvenir store to a quirky, desi lifestyle brand! Who would’ve thought that a passion for traveling and collecting mementos from your travel could be turned into a one-of-a-kind, successful business across the country?

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