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    Ryan ToysReview: The 4-year-old Entrepreneur

    ‘YouTubers’ are the new-gen entrepreneurs. This career path is the easiest to embark on but slightly difficult to succeed in. We live in a time where all you need to acquire fame and fortune is a star in a video that ends up going viral. But the probability of going viral is often unexpected. There doesn’t seem to be a parameter to judge whether or not your work will go viral for certain. This blog will focus on one of the youngest Youtubers that have made it to the top!

    Ryan Kaji at age 4, began reviewing toys on Youtube in 2015. Today, at the age of 8 years old, his channel that was originally Ryan ToysReview, now Ryan’s World has a following of a whopping 22.4 million subscribers! According to Forbes, Ryan makes 22 million dollars in a year. Not bad for someone who’s still completing his primary education. His channel, run by his parents, mainly centers around Ryan reviewing brand new toys in the market. They also post educational videos, humorous skits, and various other concept videos.

    Once Ryan’s channel began to take off his family signed up with a management team to help streamline his money, brand deals and optimize his success. This has greatly contributed to Ryan’s World becoming a million-dollar empire. He endorses some of the top brands in the markets and makes substantial profits on the sales of his own brand’s merchandise. His merch is featured in Target, Walmart and on Amazon. Ryan has expanded from the Youtube platform to Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, and aforementioned, Walmart.

    This family channel with a fan following of millions of preschoolers has shown no indication of slowing down and with the help of the management companies they have signed with are reaching brand new heights. Who would’ve thought a primary school kid could build an empire by simply doing what he loves, with the exception of being in front of a camera! We, as adults can surely take a page out of Ryan’s World and be inspired to gain abundant success while doing what we love.

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