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    AI Technology may be a threat to our moral code!

    It’s a fact that we would be nowhere without technology and the many ways it has made our lives easier. But what happens when its power is misused? When it is used to exploit others?
    In this blog, AVCOE looks at a few advances in technology that may cause a glitch in the betterment of our society.

    Deepfake is an AI technology used to alter its content and make an artificial video. You can edit any face onto another and create a video of an individual doing or saying something they never actually did or said! You can create entire videos of people without them being a part of it at all. This can be used to change the game of comedy or the movie industry!

    But unfortunately, this technology has been used for malicious intent rather than any positives. It is used to commit financial fraud, exploitative videos of celebrities, hoaxes, and blackmail. It plays a vital part in the degradation of women and spreading false information. Video proof may lose all credibility and authenticity as it can now easily be altered.
    Take a look at it for yourself! https://youtu.be/8LhI-e2B8Lg

    Adobe Voco
    Deepfakes can only alter videos. You’d have to be a voice actor to replicate the voice of the person whose face is used in the Deepfake. Or do you? Adobe Voco is a software that allows you to replicate anyone’s voice!

    It requires 20 minutes to understand and analyze and understand a particular voice, after which you can produce audio clips in that person’s voice. This phenomenon of cloning voices once again raises ethical questions. Your voice can be manipulated to say anything. It questions the authenticity of any kind of audio proof.

    In this way, digital media can now be altered to fit individual narratives and lose any element of truth. Lawyers, journalists and other professionals that use digital media as evidence of the truth can no longer rely on it. Today’s technology uses a person’s identity as a password. If your face and your voice are accessible to anyone, your password isn’t a secret any longer! There are a few ways these AI technologies are being controlled i.e. Deepfakes being banned on many social media websites, but we have a long way to go before we fully understand the repercussions and harm that this technology can cause and find a way to fully eliminate it or find technology to detect it.

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    Photo credit: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/614269/facebook-is-making-ai-deepfakes-to-head-off-a-disinformation-disaster/

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