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Imagine this : you’ve got placed at your dream job. It’s your first week. You get there and things aren’t what you expected. Your manager is...

Lessons about corporate workplace they don’t teach you in college!

Imagine this: you’ve got placed at your dream job. It’s your first week. You get there and things aren’t what you expected. Your manager is demanding and there is a kind of pressure to work that you have never experienced before.

Turns out you have graduated with all the technical knowledge required to excel at your job, but no one evaluated your street smartness. When we say, grow personally to grow professionally, it means developing your personality to navigate effortlessly through a workplace environment and the various personalities you will encounter.

This week, AVCOE walks you through a few things you should keep in mind once you step into the corporate world.

Corporate Social Skills
Patience and diplomacy are your keys to a healthy attitude and unproblematic presence at work. Apart from maintaining regular social niceties, it is important to accept that you will come across people of varying competencies, personalities and mannerisms. Some of which, you may personally find displeasing. In these cases, you have to train yourself to maintain professional etiquette and deal with the person’s behaviour with a pinch of salt. It is essential to understand the difference between being firm on your point and being rude or dismissive of somebody else’s point. It is important to learn to curb egos without bruising them. In a workplace, when it comes to opinion, learn to be diplomatic. Acknowledge and validate opinions, even when you disagree with them, before putting your take on the matter forward. For instance, the phrase, “That’s a great idea! We could also try…” is a great way of acknowledging both yours and others opinion.

Strong Presence vs. Loud Presence
Unknowingly, your personality may rub others the wrong way. Always remember to tone it down when interacting with your colleagues and maintain a neutral persona. Loud, attention-seeking personalities are often disliked and considered disruptive in an office environment. Focus on developing a strong presence instead. One that is heard and respected. This is where you let your work and technical knowledge speak for you. Having a strong opinion backed up with facts triumphs having a loud voice, anyday. Try taking up responsibilities outside of your job description if it fits your schedule. This way you help your company grow while tending to your personal growth and become an asset to your firm.

Think Before You Discuss

At work, it is essential to be friendly but rare to make real friends. We live in a competitive world which may intensify in corporations. You never know people’s true intentions. Make sure you balance your personality and professionalism effectively. Be cautious about what and how much you share with your colleagues as the information may be circulated. Everyone needs somebody to talk to. Work can get lonely without a buddy. Make a conscious effort to share solutions as opposed to problems. If there’s something you need to vent about, share its possible solution or positive outcome rather than choosing to complain or whine about the situation. This promotes a healthy attitude towards your work, coworkers and obstacles if they arise.

Once you keep these little things in mind, you will be able to foster a peaceful work environment for yourself and a healthy relationship with the people around you. AVCOE’s Training & Placement cell guides students in every aspect of their professional life. For more advice such as this and any help you need to begin your career and further its success, get in touch with your T&P officer.

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Today, we take a look at one of Forbes most powerful women, Indra Nooyi, CEO and President of PepsiCo. Being a woman born into a conservativ...

Indra Nooyi: An inspiration to boost your ambition

Today, we take a look at one of Forbes most powerful women, Indra Nooyi, CEO and President of PepsiCo. Being a woman born into a conservative Indian family, her climb to the top hasn’t been an easy one. She began her life in Chennai and finished her bachelor’s degree in the field of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. She then went on to student management, first in the Indian Institute of Management, Chennai and then at the prestigious Yale Management School, USA.

Nooyi’s first memorable campaign was working closely with the launch of Stayfree sanitary napkins, while she worked with Johnson & Johnson. While she studied at Yale, she worked part-time as a receptionist. It is said that she was saving up to by a western outfit for her first job interview as a Yale graduate. She was rejected at the interview. For the next one, she was advised to ‘be herself’ which lead her to score the job in a saree! Ever since, she has stayed true to her roots and reached heights we are all here to witness today. 

Before PepsiCo, she also worked with Boston Consulting Group and Motorola. Once she began working with PepsiCo, she promptly took the company up the ladder of success. Apart from her personal growth from Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning to Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development, and then Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to finally landing CFO and a seat on PepsiCos Board of Directors group, she managed to increase PepsiCo’s annual profits by more than double. 

Today, she is credited the title of being one of the world’s most powerful women by several top business publications such as Fortune and Forbes and is the 12th highest paid women in the United States. She has also been awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan. 

Many would not be able to handle this kind of fame, money and success as gracefully as Nooyi has. She remains grounded, giving top priority to her family of four and her Indian roots. At 62, she has achieved a level of success that is an inspiration to us all. 

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Have your ever dreamed of moving abroad? Are you thinking about starting fresh in a new place full of exciting opportunities? AVCOE has cura...

Did you know you could have a successful engineering career in these 4 countries?

Have your ever dreamed of moving abroad? Are you thinking about starting fresh in a new place full of exciting opportunities? AVCOE has curated a list of countries that are excelling in the field of engineering that you may have not considered, where your career will flourish. 

New Zealand 
New Zealand has a population of over 4 million and still faces a shortage of employees in the engineering world. It is a wonderful place to work with, with one of the most stable economies. There is a huge scope of work in NZ, especially in civil engineering, as the need of the hour is to build safe, earthquake-resistant structures all over the country. 

Famous inventions from New Zealand: Bungee jump, the jet boat, the jet pack, nuclear physics, disposable hypodermic syringe, hand vacuum pump, McLaren cars, mountain buggy, and the electric fence. 

Popularly known as the most neutral country, Switzerland is also one of the wealthiest. It is advancing rapidly with innovative engineering as a vital part of its growth in technology. One of their main focus’ being scientific research and manufacturing, chemical and mechanical engineers would flourish in this wealthy European economy!

Famous inventions from Switzerland: Velcro, Swiss army knife, aluminium foil, and Swatch internet time.

German universities have a stellar reputation worldwide for their scientific research. You can only imagine the same enthusiasm and skill in the workplace. Who wouldn’t want to grow in such a beneficial environment? Their pharmaceutical and automobile industries are growing successfully and gaining popularity across the globe. This proves to be the perfect place for those of you interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical or mechanical engineering sectors. 

Famous inventions from Germany: Aspirin, automobile, bacteriology, accordion, contact lenses, printing press, bicycle, X-rays, record player & records, and coffee filters.

Japan has one of the most impressive infrastructures and is famous for its high-speed railway. Being one of the wealthiest economies, there is a massive scope for chemical, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering. For decades, it has upheld its reputation for contributing to leading technological inventions to the world. 

Famous inventions from Japan: DVDs, video camera, digital camera, walkman, CDs, Karaoke, video tape recorder, electronic calculators, and electric rice cooker.

When we hear the word abroad, most of us think of the US, UK, Canada or Australia. AVCOE urges you to think about a career in one of these four successful economies. Once you have made your decision, contact our T&P representative so you can work towards building your career after college and reaching new heights in your field. 

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