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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A question we’ve been asked all our lives. For some of us, the answer has evolved or changed comp...

Entrepreneurs’ stories to start-up your ambition: Richa Kar

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A question we’ve been asked all our lives. For some of us, the answer has evolved or changed completely over the years. For some others, the answer has been determined from the start. Either way, the one thing we all have in common is inspiration. We have all come across people who have motivated us to work towards our dream. We decided to look beyond college life and engineering and take a look at those who are making it in the real world. In this blog series, AVCOE rounds up renowned names in business who, as the youth says, started from the bottom.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Richa Kar, better known as the Founder of Zivame. She started this online women’s lingerie store as a possible solution to the lingerie shopping issue, many women feel in India, to this day. Although we have come a long way in the way we think, there is still a little prevailing taboo left to banish from our society.

By launching an online platform where women can shop for lingerie without feeling uncomfortable, Richa Kar took a step towards countering this issue. But as one can guess, her start wasn’t an easy one. Ashamed and afraid of the stigma mentioned earlier, both her parents refused to have any part in helping her launch her business. So, the engineering graduate (like many of our readers aspire to be!), took matters into her own hands and pooled in all her savings and borrowed money from friends and started Zivame. She had a strong professional background in retail after working in Spencers’ and SAP and had conducted a thorough case study of Victoria’s Secret’s online sales. She quickly realised that there wasn’t a platform like that for women in India and decided to start her own.

Today, she may have stepped down as CEO, but her company is up and running. She stays on the board of directors and her dream continues to have the potential to reach new bounds. From having to mask her profession to proudly owning it, Richa Kar has come a long way and stays on top of our inspiration list. As Steve Harvey once said, “Failure is a great teacher.” This month’s entrepreneur story teaches us a little about failure and a lot about successfully overcoming societal stigma.

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