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Best Online Course Providers UK

September 02, 2019
Online courses have brought about a revolutionary change in our learning system and the way we used to see education. Cost-effective and self-paced online courses have already challenged the traditional learning system and started replacing it with greater flexibility to some extent.
The future of traditional learning may be a subject of debate, but let’s put that aside. I’m here to make you familiar with the UK’s top online course providers. To get the best learning experience, you must opt for the top e-learning platforms. Here are some of my top picks for the ‘Best Online Course Providers UK.’


iStudy- One of the largest and most promising platforms in my rundown. The number of the total courses is staggering; it’s 1250+. So, the variety can easily be understood with that number. But, when you are going with so many products, the most important thing that bells the ring is the quality. And, hopefully, yes! iStudy has passed on that criteria too. With quality, affordable price, and learners’ satisfaction, iStudy is making steady progress towards the top.

New Skills Academy

New Skills Academy started its journey on November 2013, and within six years it’s country’s one of the top e-learning platform. Comprehensive, high quality and affordable courses are the topmost priorities of New Skills Academy. With a total of 165 courses, they have a variety of categories to offer, and they offer learners to learn with confidence.

Learning 247

Learning 247 has been providing learners with most effective and straight-forward route to learning and certification for more than 15 years. And, it’s no wonder that at this time they have become one of the market leaders of the UK in distance learning with premium-quality certificate courses.

Future Learn

Future Learn has bagged the attention of the online learning community with its diverse selection of courses. This platform set foot in the industry in September 2013 and since then, they have maintained the quality of their courses.


Founded in 2012, Coursera has more than 2500 courses to offer to the learners. Top instructors from the world’s top universities and educational institutions have made this platform more unique than other providers.


Though BE-A.Education and New Skills Academy are both from the same family, BE-A.Education has made its unique identity with high-quality and interactive online courses. So, it’s no wonder that both BE-A.Education and New Skills Academy have earned their places in this rundown.

High Speed Training

Food hygiene, workplace health and safety, business and finance, or safeguarding people- these are the categories what High Speed Training offers. With a straightforward and easy to understand approach, they have already in the process of becoming the market leader in distance learning.

Selecting the best e-learning platforms and pinning them in a single article is quite a job. There are a lot of things to considers while making this rundown of ‘Best Online Course Providers UK.’ Learners testimonials, consistency in quality and adaptation of trends are some key factors which I’ve relied on. Hopefully, from the list you are to find your pick and explore what they have to offer.

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