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Why Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

August 26, 2019

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Do you know that which great man had stated this quote? Yes, Nelson Mandela. To him, education was everything to change society as well as the world. Education is beyond just reading and writing. It’s more about using the gained knowledge through education for our growth and development. How much do we know about the importance of education? Let’s concentrate on the topic – ‘Why Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon?’

What is Education?
If I have to state the definition of education in one sentence, then the best way to present it – Education helps us know about the facts of life. Education is not all about going to schools or colleges and attending exams. Assembling knowledge and relating it to our personal and work lives should be the primary purpose of education.

Education – The Most Powerful Weapon
I’ve already stated that reading and writing is not what we should call education. In today’s world, it’s possible for robots to read and write. But, human’s ability to choose the knowledge wisely makes us different.
Read on the following notes to learn why we consider or should consider education as the most powerful weapon. Education can offer you with a happy and stable life

  • Great chances of landing on a high paying job
  • Education ensures the equal opportunity to all
  • An educated person is self-dependant
  • Helps us distinguish between the right and wrong
  • Contributes to maintaining social harmony and peace
  • Helps to become a more confident and active member of the society
  • Vital for the economic growth of any of the nation
  • Helpful in eliminating gender inequality and reducing poverty
  • Education improves the standard of living
  • Makes us aware of our rights and responsibilities 

Final Words
In a nutshell, education brings out a better version of ourselves. It helps us become a better citizen of the society. Considering all those facts it is pretty apparent why education is the most powerful weapon.

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