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Definition and Benefits of Career Internship

August 20, 2019

Employers always want experienced campaigners to knock their doors. At least they are more willing to open the door of opportunity for people who have invaluable insights into roles and industries. A career internship provides students or graduates with a competitive advantage over their peers. That’s how an internship can create an opportunity for fresh graduates or students.
Let’s dive into the term and dissect all about career internship.

What Is A Career Internship?
Career internship is a period of work experience which helps the students and graduates to get exposure to the work environment. Through an internship, they have the opportunity to work within the specific industry that is relevant to their study.
An internship is also an excellent chance for employers to recruit employees by assessing their interns. Most of the employers nowadays took this advantage to evaluate students’ and graduates’ capabilities and hire the best ones without advertising the vacancies externally.

Benefits of A Career Internship
On-the-job experience is considered more important than your bookish knowledge. It’s impossible for individuals to get a full understanding of a job unless they get the chance to work in a realistic environment. Among the countless benefits of career internship, some are the following-
·         Improve the knowledge & skills
·         Get a practical overview of a specific industry or a particular job
·         Familiar with various roles that you may not have previously considered
·         Expand your understanding of the operation process of an organisation and learn how they deal with the day to day challenges
·         Get networking opportunities
·         A ‘try before buy’ experience for the students or graduates and employers
·         Opportunity to work directly with experienced people of the relevant field
·         Equipped with practical skills and boost the CV

How Long Does A Career Internship Last?
The answer to this question mostly depends on the sector or the employer. The period may vary from one week to a year. However, student internships are shorter than the graduate internship. On the other hand, in medical training, your intern label may prolong to your progression to the next professional level.

Paid or Unpaid Internship?
Unless you are shadowing someone or working for a registered charity, you are bound to receive at least the UK’s National Minumum Wage. However, if you are undergoing a ‘Back to Work’ work experience or undertaking a scheme with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). So, in the UK, most of the internships are paid. Nevertheless, companies in the performing arts sector, media, and marketing are one of the worst offenders of the unpaid internship.

How To Apply For a Career Internship?
Applying for an internship can be as competitive as go for a permanent job. Companies usually go with specific requirements and deadlines for the application process. Theses criteria may differ between companies or sectors. Make sure to do your research before applying for an internship program.

Final Words
As I’ve already stated that students’ and graduates’ internship are different from one another, so you need to go through the resources available before deciding to go for any career internship. Online courses regarding career opportunity can be a real help in this regard.

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