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As rightly said by Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been ”, Engineering...

Graduated Engineering? These JOBS are so exciting for you!

As rightly said by Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been ”, Engineering has been a career an option that has held its position of prominence since generations.
Even in today’s time, engineering is one of the most sought after career options and with a growth of almost 7 percent jobs in this field in the last 6 years, its scope is here to stay.  A lot of students have a misconception in their minds that post engineering they will be confined to a monotonous desk job however the diverse career options that engineering opens one’s gates to is unmatchable. Such is the importance of engineering that an engineering graduate can find a career option to pursue in any field of his or her interest. Here are some cool, unique, fun, and very real fields you can pursue a career in with an engineering degree-

      1).    Artificial Intelligence

Are you someone who is intrigued by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence? Does seeing Sofia make conversations leave you baffled? You can too be a part of this field that is growing with each passing day, thanks to the increasing funding and development. Various engineering majors from software engineering to mechanical engineering can help you build a career in this field.

      2).    Design cars of the future

The need of the hour is to reduce the consumption of fuels like petrol and diesel to reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Most car developers have shifted their focus towards developing vehicles and cars that run on alternate sources of energy. Hence if you have been a child who always sketched cars in the back of his or her registers and imagined designing your dream car, this might be your chance. A career in this direction will not only be extremely challenging yet fun but will also help you make a vast difference for the betterment of this planet.

      3).    Fashion Industry

If you are someone who has always had a knack for fashion, this is the path for you to go on. Brands like Adidas are emphasising the importance of incorporating engineering in their products to make them extraordinary. Clothing industries have shifted their focus towards creating innovative fabrics that allow them to turn imaginations into reality. Hence you can use your love for fashion to create products that will be all the rage.

      4).    Digital Music Software Engineer

To have a career in the music industry you don’t always have to be on the stage. Digital music software engineers create and maintain computer programs used for producing sound effects. So you don’t only create software’s that allow music to be developed from, but you also build tools for millions to chase their dream using your creation. 
      5).    Formula One Racing Engineer

Formula 1 is a competition that needs no introduction around the world, but for all of its high-speed glamor and prestige, there’s not a huge amount known about its inner workings. The stuff we see on a race Sunday is merely the veneer atop a massive enterprise of globetrotting logistics, intricate planning, and multinational team organization. The job of a Formula One engineer involves various roles apart from the technical aspect of the job from managing the synchronization of the team to analyzing data. Hence if there’s a love for speed in your life, this is the career you should aim towards. 
      6).    Toy Designer

For the ones out there with a creative mind and an interest in product development, designing products is a field open to engineers. Toy designing happens to be an interesting niche- a path pursuable with an engineering degree. With the involvement of more technology, advancement, and competition in the toy industry, toy designing is a path that one should consider if they believe they might have ideas that can make a difference.
No matter what your interests, you’re likely to find an interesting career path within the broad field of engineering. Almost every field has embraced the need to make innovation and advancement a part of their core competency, hence with an engineering degree, landing an exciting job is more possible today than it ever was.