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Scientists all over the world are going gaga over graphene, a material that has also been dubbed as a ‘supermaterial’. It is made from eleme...


Scientists all over the world are going gaga over graphene, a material that has also been dubbed as a ‘supermaterial’. It is made from elemental carbon and is just one-atom thick layer of graphite. Thanks to its structure and arrangement, this very first two-dimensional material to be discovered, has great tensile strength (100 times more than steel), conducts electricity (250 times faster than Silicon at room temperature) and heat (10 times better than Copper), is transparent and ultra-thin!

Considering the properties of graphene, it’s not rocket science to see that it is to have tonnes of applications in the things we use every day and is soon going to be an integral part of our lives. Let us explore some of these possible applications that may become a reality soon!

Revolutionalizing the smartphone world: This wonder material is super flexible and could lead us to bendable smartphones. The use of graphene in batteries could also help us charge them in time as less as seven seconds! A news article by cnet says that this technology is not a faraway dream, but something that could happen in the next two years!

Graphene in the concrete: Exploiting graphene’s ability to conduct electricity, it can be used as concrete so as to eliminate the need for copper wires being tunneled in our houses for the supply of electricity. A study also states the graphene cement is also two times stronger then the one we use, four times more water resistant, and far more elastic. Read more about it here.

Flying with graphene: Graphene’s super-light and strong structure is expected to be used to its maximum in the aviation industry! With light-weight planes, we will be able to reduce the amount of fuel required, leading towards more cost-efficient and environment-friendly airborne travel. 

Seeing with graphene: The flexible, conducive and biocompatible nature of graphene can make it possible for us to cure blindness with it. It can be used to recreate an artificial and functional optic nerve, paving a path for a brighter future in the retinal world. Read more about it here.

Graphene to purify water: Graphene allows for a chemical-free, one-step process for purifying water. This process is considered to be cost-effective and compatible with large urban wastewater treatment plants. Curious about how it’s done? Read about the same here.

Graphene has many other real-world potential applications and considering the hype and amount of research being done on this material, they could all be a reality soon! AVCOE is excited to enter the world of graphene, are you? For more such informative blogs, keep following us!