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Technology has made our lives so much easier. Here is a list of inventions that have made our daily lives so much easier. AVCOE has made it ...

14 Modern Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Here is a list of inventions that have made our daily lives so much easier. AVCOE has made it easier for you to get your hands o these inventions with a purchase link with each invention! (you’re welcome).

An ice cream bowl that keeps your delicious treat cold till you finish it.

Summer has nothing on you and your ice cream. This bowl is equipped with the cold gel technology, that takes 4 hours to completely freeze and stay cold in room temperatures. That is what will keep your ice cream cool till the very last bite.
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A page holder that helps you read with ease.

The mechanics of this are simple but effective. It is a horizontal piece of industrial rubber and/or plastic that is sturdy enough to keep your book open with a place to place your thumb in the middle. This acts as the pressure point that keeps the book in a set position until the pressure is released.
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A transparent toaster to help you decide how toasted you want your bread.

This machine works just like a regular toaster, except it has a clear-view glass front panel to help you see your toast and control its color.
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Wireless Turn Signal LED Light Vest for Backpack

A backpack with a light-up indicator of what direction you are going, to help you stay safe on the road when riding your bicycle.
Safety is always the first while on the road. Try this portable direction indicator with a remote to stick on your bike handle and bright LED display to help you safely navigate through traffic when riding.
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A finger guard to keep you safe when you are chopping vegetables

Such a simple kitchen hack! Guard your hand and nails against cuts from knives with this piece of stainless steel that acts as your mini-shield.
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A suitcase that is also a scooter.

Never miss a flight again with this suitcase that also acts as a scooter, to help you reach your gate on wheels. The skateboard is attached to the back of the suitcase and can be attached and detached from the top of the suitcase when necessary.
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A butter knife that is self-heating

A revolutionary invention that uses your body heat to curl and melt butter instantly, making it easier to spread.
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A water bottle cap sprinkler that you can just screw onto any botter and water your plants with ease.

Screw on this bottle cap with an attached sprinkler, to water your plants with ease and controlled pressure.
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An air mattress for the backseat of your car.

Road trips have now been made more comfortable. Get yourself an air mattress for your car and rest easy. This is a regular air mattress, reshaped to fit in the backseat of your car.
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A popcorn bowl that filters out the kernels.

An essential item for popcorn lovers. Let your popcorn bowl sift the kernels out for you. This bowl comes with a sift at the bottom, to filter out the kernels.
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Different mold sections on the same pan to help you multitask.

Speed up the process of cooking a full plate of breakfast with this mold for your pan. The various silicone, flip-able molds for a single pan help you multi-task and cook multiple items on the same pan and the same time.
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An egg cracker and yolk separator.

A simple tool to help you crack and separate parts of your egg with ease and be mess-free.
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Plastic bag sealer.

Your snacks will no longer go soft or spoil with this tool to help you reseal packets and keep food items air-tight.
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Instant photo printer.

This is a great advance in technology. This compact photo printer helps you transfer pictures from your phone and print them instantly. Think of it as a modern version of a Polaroid camera.
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AVCOE hopes that these inventions make your daily life much easier. For more informative blogs, keep following us.

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