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Technology has made our lives so much easier. Here is a list of inventions that have made our daily lives so much easier. AVCOE has made it ...

14 Modern Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Here is a list of inventions that have made our daily lives so much easier. AVCOE has made it easier for you to get your hands o these inventions with a purchase link with each invention! (you’re welcome).

An ice cream bowl that keeps your delicious treat cold till you finish it.

Summer has nothing on you and your ice cream. This bowl is equipped with the cold gel technology, that takes 4 hours to completely freeze and stay cold in room temperatures. That is what will keep your ice cream cool till the very last bite.
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A page holder that helps you read with ease.

The mechanics of this are simple but effective. It is a horizontal piece of industrial rubber and/or plastic that is sturdy enough to keep your book open with a place to place your thumb in the middle. This acts as the pressure point that keeps the book in a set position until the pressure is released.
You can find it here!

A transparent toaster to help you decide how toasted you want your bread.

This machine works just like a regular toaster, except it has a clear-view glass front panel to help you see your toast and control its color.
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Wireless Turn Signal LED Light Vest for Backpack

A backpack with a light-up indicator of what direction you are going, to help you stay safe on the road when riding your bicycle.
Safety is always the first while on the road. Try this portable direction indicator with a remote to stick on your bike handle and bright LED display to help you safely navigate through traffic when riding.
You can buy this on Amazon!

A finger guard to keep you safe when you are chopping vegetables

Such a simple kitchen hack! Guard your hand and nails against cuts from knives with this piece of stainless steel that acts as your mini-shield.
You can find it here!

A suitcase that is also a scooter.

Never miss a flight again with this suitcase that also acts as a scooter, to help you reach your gate on wheels. The skateboard is attached to the back of the suitcase and can be attached and detached from the top of the suitcase when necessary.
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A butter knife that is self-heating

A revolutionary invention that uses your body heat to curl and melt butter instantly, making it easier to spread.
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A water bottle cap sprinkler that you can just screw onto any botter and water your plants with ease.

Screw on this bottle cap with an attached sprinkler, to water your plants with ease and controlled pressure.
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An air mattress for the backseat of your car.

Road trips have now been made more comfortable. Get yourself an air mattress for your car and rest easy. This is a regular air mattress, reshaped to fit in the backseat of your car.
You can find it here!

A popcorn bowl that filters out the kernels.

An essential item for popcorn lovers. Let your popcorn bowl sift the kernels out for you. This bowl comes with a sift at the bottom, to filter out the kernels.
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Different mold sections on the same pan to help you multitask.

Speed up the process of cooking a full plate of breakfast with this mold for your pan. The various silicone, flip-able molds for a single pan help you multi-task and cook multiple items on the same pan and the same time.
You can find it here!

An egg cracker and yolk separator.

A simple tool to help you crack and separate parts of your egg with ease and be mess-free.
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Plastic bag sealer.

Your snacks will no longer go soft or spoil with this tool to help you reseal packets and keep food items air-tight.
Find it here!

Instant photo printer.

This is a great advance in technology. This compact photo printer helps you transfer pictures from your phone and print them instantly. Think of it as a modern version of a Polaroid camera.
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AVCOE hopes that these inventions make your daily life much easier. For more informative blogs, keep following us.

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First thing’s first… Arguably we are living in the most connected society ever! Go ahead and try to google a thing or two what you are curio...

These are the things and hacks you must know as a Computer Engineering student

First thing’s first… Arguably we are living in the most connected society ever! Go ahead and try to google a thing or two what you are curious about right now! Maybe a terminology that’s in your head, a concept you’re not clear about, or LITERALLY ANYTHING that fascinates you! You will get the answers.

There are some things that you have to know like you can not get the toothpaste back to the tube once it’s out… ahem anyway, How many things do you know as a Computer Engineer student?
Most of the engineers always have this fear of missing out on some crucial information. And it’s very common!

So before it’s too late to know, allow us to provide you with some knowledge and wisdom about CE.

Here are the basics, and take our word for it you MUST know it!

1. The most important thing, learn the difference between computer science and computer engineering. You must know which stream you belong to… not all the students are “Rancho” from ‘3 Idiots’

2. Psss psss.... Dude do you know a little bit of illegal stuff?
There are Right things and Wrong things in life, in between these two there is a thing called ‘fine to do things’ like Rooting your phone for example. You must know formatting computers, laptops & mobile phones. Also, you have to be the one who can easily install an OS and know how to upgrade the system.

3. The basic understanding of a computer and it’s components. It is very simple but most of the students don’t pay much attention to it. You must know about the processor and its technology since these days, the computing industry is massively dominated by mobile technology. Latest Mobile phones have faster processors than a low price range laptop from 3 years ago, that too with extended RAM.

4. Let’s talk about some concepts and techniques.
Please go ahead and Check out this blog post by Steve Yegge (have worked in Amazon, now at Google)
  • Basic programming (including recursion, file I/O, formatted output, loops, etc).
  • Object-oriented design (including design patterns etc). You should be able to produce sensible OO designs as well as understanding the concepts.
  • Scripting and regexes.
  • Data structures — lists, sets, hashtables, trees, graphs, and so on — as well as Big O notation and algorithmic complexity.
  • Bits, bytes and binary numbers — how numbers are represented within the computer, and how to manipulate them.

5. You need to be aware of the latest techniques and hacks going on the mysterious and outstanding thing called the “Internet”
And to help you with that we have selected some websites and applications. Here is the list…

6. Video lessons and Youtube Channels.
  • The New Boston a YouTube channel for tutorials on almost everything which is related to the computer, do check out some videos
  • Gate Lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula You can get the solution of any technical subjects here. Some of the videos are paid but there are many other videos that can help you during your university exam.
  • And a recommendation, that is very popular already, Technical Guruji a channel that gives away vital information on technology, in Hindi. Videos on this channel are super simple to watch and understand!

7. The most required skills in your life, Soft Skills. Try developing a vigilant set of skills in your student life to reap the benefits later. As a computer engineer, you must know how to code but this soft skill adds up in your profile and makes a huge impact in your annual package. It’s feasible for any student to pick up a side course go ahead take it on, select any Soft Skill course.

At AVCOE we want our students to grow beyond academics and regular curriculum. With over three decades of expertise in the Department of computer education we are exponentially thriving for our students’ academic betterment.

Department has a tie-up with NVIDIA and has setup NVIDIA GPU Teaching Centre housing four workstations & IoT based NVIDIA Jetson embedded board which gives exposure to students on parallel and concurrent programming.

Also the department has tie up with IIT Powai for AAKASH R&D Project. The department has tie up with MiTu Skillologies, Nashik for Big Data Analytics Centre of Excellence to provide students with big data analytics platform. IRT Incubation Centre, Microsoft Student Partner Program, IBM Academic Initiative and NPTEL Local Centre are other initiatives in the department which has been proved as an extra advantage to the department. Department has also tie up with ESDS Software private Ltd. Nashik for Cloud Computing – Centre of Excellence for the exposure of student on Cloud platform.