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While achieving good marks in your exams is a good way of starting, academic excellence is not the only thing that graduate employers are l...

What graduate employers look for: Skills that will get you hired!

While achieving good marks in your exams is a good way of starting, academic excellence is not the only thing that graduate employers are looking for in their candidates these days. Even though every profession has different requirements, a certain set of skills are valued by every industry and organization. Here’s a list-


Communication skills

Time management

Ability to work under pressure

Leadership qualities

Creative and critical thinking

Problem-solving skills

Emotional intelligence

All of these qualities are soft skills and while it is not necessary that you have all of them, you need to convince your interviewee that you can always learn them.

How to demonstrate your soft skills?
Soft skills are very abstract in nature and an interview could provide a very less of a time for the employer to understand yours. Which is why most of the companies conduct various personality and aptitude tests. Also, direct questions that target a particular soft skill of yours (for example: When was the last time you exhibited great leadership qualities?) could be asked, and a good, nicely framed answer could speak a lot about your personality.

What specific skills is a graduate employer looking for?
While every employer will be looking for a certain mix of hard and soft skills, you can find out what an employer is looking for by studying the job description carefully. Understand their requirements and stress on some skills accordingly. Tailor yourself and your resume based on whether the job requires more of soft skills or hard skills.

How do I work on my skills?
While most of the basics of your hard skills will be taken care of in your graduation, you would probably have to know a little something extra to just get you there. While taking a small course can help, you can also choose to intern or volunteer for a more personalized and first-hand experience.

Soft skills play a very important role, not just in getting you a job but also in determining your success in it. There are various ways in which you can work on them and you definitely should because with the right personality and a positive attitude, your dream job is not far away.

The students at AVCOE are trained with not just hard skills but with soft skills too, so that when they graduate, they are industry-ready. For this and many such reasons, we have become one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra.
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