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    Here's how you can prepare for Group Discussions

    Group Discussions or GD are mandatorily conducted by many colleges, institutions, and companies in their selection process. Usually conducted after an aptitude test and followed by a personal interview, GDs are performed to check on your soft skills and knowledge.

    While most GDs are fairly easy to crack, many candidates face problems because they are either not confident enough, do not have adequate knowledge on the subject or lack command over the language. However, there are ways in which one can master the group discussion game.

    Stay updated

    Group discussions are generally held on the current trending topics. Read newspapers regularly and try knowing at least a little something about everything. See to that that you have adequate General Knowledge about historical events and basic geography.

    Understand the topic

    After you are given a topic, make sure that you understand the point of it well. If you have any doubts, make sure that you get them rectified. Clarity of the topic is of utmost importance in a GD.

    Clear thoughts

    Always concentrate on the quality and not on the quantity. You must have a clear and concise message every time you speak. Always concentrate on ‘what’ rather than ‘how much’.


    Group Discussions are conducted to check on your soft skills. If you are not able to put forth your views clearly or are not able to communicate properly with other candidates, you will definitely be marked negatively. Make sure that you work on your leadership skills, social skills, team skills, problem-solving skills and presence of mind before going to a GD. Try being the one who starts and concludes the discussion. Make sure you introduce yourself before starting. Add to other’s points, but never interrupt. Also, listen carefully to what other candidates are saying. Don’t be aggressive or be deterred by somebody else’s submissive behavior. Be humble, acceptive and encourage other candidates to speak.

    Group Discussions provide one with a great opportunity to showcase their knowledge and personality. We wish you all the very best and hope that you make the most of them.
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