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    Campus Placement: Preparation and Tips

    With multiple companies coming in just to hire learners, campus placements provide opportunities like no other to students. However, with every student wanting to grab this chance and making the best out of it, campus placements could be competitive and tricky.
    Yet, there are ways in which you can ace in this game and stand out amongst everyone else.

    • Grades - needless to say, most of the companies interview only those candidates that manage to score a particular percentile. Hence, it becomes important to score well to be able to qualify for these interviews. From the very beginning, make sure that you maintain a good grade point.

    • Knowledge about the industry and company - being equipped with some knowledge about the industry and knowing even a little something about the company you are interviewing for can give you an upper hand over others. Make sure that you have some knowledge on the latest technology being used in the industry.

    • Communication skills - not just campus placements or interviews, good communication skills are required everywhere. And since they play a big role in helping make good careers, companies look for candidates with the same. It is very important for an interviewee to come out as confident, affluent and with the ability to carry out conversations.

    • Attitude - Most recruiters look for a positive outlook in the candidates while hiring. How positive you are about the job, how you are planning to contribute to the company and your goals, all play an important role. Recruiters generally look for a candidate with a foresight. Many companies deliberately create a stressful environment during the campus placement season, just to check how every candidate functions in such conditions.

    Be prepared for the placement season with all these preparation tips. At AVCOE, we make sure that all our students have all these qualities, which is why, companies like TATA, Cognizant, Spice jet, Amazon India and many more are our proud recruiters.
    Know more - www.avcoe.org

    Amrutvahini College of Engineering.
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