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    An Insight into AVCOE Hostel

    Amrutvahini College of Engineering has always believed in providing its students with top-notch facilities - be it in the class, labs or the hostels. With an inbuilt hostel campus, AVCOE’s hostel is home to hundreds of students that enjoy the benefits of many facilities. 

    The environment
    There are three independent blocks for male students and a separate block for female students. All the hostels encompass beautiful gardens, with each hostel having a resident rector to monitor and maintain discipline. Hostel rooms are airy, clean and well furnished.

    Water facilities
    The students are provided with safe R.O drinking water, with 10.27 Liter of water reserved for each student everyday.
    • 22.26 Liter of hot water is also available for each student everyday. 
    • On an average, the normal usable water per student is approximately 75 Lit. per day.

    Health facilities
    At AVCOE, we make sure that our students receive proper medical care when needed. Which is why we have a First Aid and Medical Dispensary with a MBBS doctor present at the campus everyday. A vehicle for medical emergency is also available.

    Healthy diet is necessary for students. Which is why AVCOE tries to give its students the most nutritious and tastiest food. For the very same reason, the campus has 5 mess and a canteen.

    Understanding that the safety of the students is our responsibility, AVCOE campus is under 24x7 CCTV surveillance. Fire Extinguishers are also installed in all hostels and security is available in each hostel. A complaint register is also placed in the campus so that the students can write about the complaints that they have, which will be solved within two days. Biometric attendance is also available in the girls hostel.

    Other facilities
    • The AVCOE hostel has a 24 hour power supply with a 63 KVA generator backup.
    • The students also enjoy Wi-Fi and Television facility in the hostel premises.
    • Hostel also provides 5 newspapers everyday, 2 of which are English.
    • Fitness center for boys and girls.
    • Guest house for parents in hostel campus.
    • Xerox, laundry, book stall, general stores & beauty parlor for girls.

    AVCOE also provides guest houses for parents whose children live in the hostel campus.

    All these world class facilities are meant to make the students living at the AVCOE hostels more comfortable and happier. We want to make sure that the students here don’t miss their homes and provide them with an environment that makes them feel at ease.
    Know more - avcoe.org/hostel.php

    Amrutvahini College of Engineering.
    #AVCOE, Sangamner.

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