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Students these days are living the life of pressure. The competition has increased substantially and a recent study on graduate students’ me...


Students these days are living the life of pressure. The competition has increased substantially and a recent study on graduate students’ mental health showed that 45% of graduate students have had emotional or stress-related problems in the past year. Dealing with assignments, submissions, exams, experiments and much more, all at the same time could become overwhelming at times. All of this could lead to a lot of mental problems - stress, anxiety, depression...

At AVCOE, we are concerned about the mental health of our students and hence, here is a list of tips that could help students deal with academic pressure.

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Be it about a small problem or a problem as big as depression, it is important to talk about it. Discuss your problems with your friends, family or teachers. Consult doctors if necessary. Understand that there is nothing wrong in taking care of your mental health.

The teachers and staff at AVCOE are very friendly and are always ready to help our students. Teachers regularly discuss mental health with students to make sure that they are in the right mind space and encourage the students to approach them in case of problems.

Incorporate more anticipation in life
It is very important to have something to look up to in life. These things could be as small as meeting an old friend at the weekend or wanting to eat a particular dish for dinner. These little things could give you a small purpose and help you get through tough times easily. Try doing something new twice a week, like a stress-busting dinner with your friends or a walk to a new place.

Regular exercising
Exercising not only improves your body strength, but it also elevates your mind and improves your mental strength. Being mentally strong will definitely come handy when you will be going through rough patches, not only academically but in every aspect of your life. A study showed that a regular exercise routine has been shown to decrease symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Exercises of any kind- running, yoga, dancing, pilates, can help you to burst stress.

AVCOE always hosts different events that engage students in extracurricular activities to act as a break from the monotony of academia and release all their stress.

Surround yourself with positive people
Remember, you don’t want anything negative in your life. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who support you and motivate you. You don’t want people who put you down and don’t want to see you grow. Choose your people wisely, period.

AVCOE provides students with the best possible positive environment which is why there are only happy faces at our campus.

Stop comparing
One mistake that all of the human race is guilty of is comparing. We are wired in a way that we always end up comparing ourselves with others but you need to start putting extra efforts to be happy with whatever you have and whatever you are. It’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring your success with the success of others but you don’t have to do that. Understand that all of us are different and someone, somewhere is always going to be better than you. Strive to be that better person in a positive way.

Stop procrastinating
The major reason for academic pressure in students is their habit of procrastinating. The more you delay your assignments and submissions, the longer will be the pile of ‘to-do’s’ a week before their submission date, which will also be directly proportional to your tension and stress of completing them on time. However, if you finish the work assigned for a day on time, life will be much easier, right?

So these were all the tips that AVCOE thinks anyone can follow for a healthy, stress-free life. Hope you implement them in your life and stay away from all the negatives.

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Hostel rooms are infinite memories. The roommates, the late night conversations, the food shared, the clothes exchanged, the Maggi cooked an...


Hostel rooms are infinite memories. The roommates, the late night conversations, the food shared, the clothes exchanged, the Maggi cooked and the studies completed together are rightly called as one of the most beautiful experiences of one’s life.

So why not turn a place that is giving you so many beautiful memories into something beautiful in itself?
Here are some easy and in-budget ways of making your hostel rooms more homelike -

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One of the best and easiest ways of personalising your room is by decorating your room with pictures. From selfies to family photos or from your travel pictures to the pictures of your favorite band, there’s so much you can add! You can always stick these pictures on the walls or your cupboards.

‘Plant’-ing it!
Plants are a great way to make your hostel room feel more homelike. They also add a sense of freshness into your room and this could really help if you are living in a dull one.

Lights on!
Without lights, decorations feel incomplete. The cute fairy lights or light lamps, make sure that you have many of those. A well lit room will always make you feel bright, happy and positive. Plus, it’s so cool!

Doors and mirrors!
Doors can always be decorated with life size posters or different types of stickers. The periphery of mirrors too, can be decorated with lights or other accessories.

The little things!
The way you place your books, the color of your bed-sheets, the color of the curtains, the kind of accessories you use to decorate your rooms etc. are all the little things that will add to the homelike feeling of your room. You can also make items that suit your taste and style.It is always advised to use bright colors and keep adding little things to your new home!

There’s so much more that you can do to make your hostel room your second home! We hope that you love decorating it and enjoy making memories that you will cherish for life like the students at AVCOE do.

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