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Ever thought of binge-watching TV shows that make you smarter? AVCOE has compiled a list of TV shows that not just provide a daily dose of e...

5 tech shows every Engineer must watch!

Ever thought of binge-watching TV shows that make you smarter? AVCOE has compiled a list of TV shows that not just provide a daily dose of entertainment, but shows with educational content that also enhances your knowledge and information. Science, technology, and innovation are the central themes of these TV shows just like they are major aspects of an Engineer's life. For all the tech lovers out there, up your Engineering quotient by watching these informative series!

1. Top Gear
If automobiles excite you, then this show is for you! It talks about the technique and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of automobiles. It focuses on a number of segments as a part of the show. Some of which are Car reviews include tests to check the quality of the world's leading motors, Star in a car invites celebrities to take part in a timed-lap, the Cool Wall talks about which cars are cool and which aren't, various challenges, power laps and races by presenters as well.
One of BBC’s most commercially successful tv shows,
this is much more than your regular run-of-the-mill documentary show.

2. Scorpion
An edgy American drama where a computer genius and his team of experts form Scorpion which is the last line of defense against high-tech crisis and threats worldwide. With their extensive technological knowledge, these masterminds solve complicated problems the world encounters. Thrill and technology make a great combination.

3. Mr. Robot
A high octane drama about the story of a young programmer who is a cybersecurity engineer and vigilante hacker. Joining a group of Hacktivists, they embark on various cyber missions. Mr. Robot has received immense critical acclaim and has won multiple awards including the most coveted Golden Globes as well. Definitely, a must watch for everyone!

4. Extreme Engineering
A documentary tv series that talks about the master strokes in the field of Engineering, this is a show you must not miss. Explore the extraordinary creations of ‘extreme engineering’ projects across the globe. Experience what goes on in building the Hong Kong international airport, widening the Panama Canal, construction of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge etc.

5. How to build..everything
This show takes a step by step approach to some of the world’s most significant inventions in an easy manner. Cruise Ships, Military Tanks, Aircraft Carrier, Pacemaker, you name it!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch these informative tv shows. After all, what is a better way to pass your time than by watching and learning something new!

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