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Kotlin: The new language for developers

Any discussion you hear around yourself today will always either be about technology or will eventually lead to it. Its almost as if you cannot name human race without naming technology. And the strong supporting cast and crew behind this blockbuster are none other than the developers.

Developer or amateur, we all have some idea about programming languages and how they work. Either we have heard it from our coder friends or at some point during our careers or career building years we ourselves have tried (and failed) to learn the art of programming. However, there are those “chosen” few, who have that in-built flair in the mentioned field and who effortlessly write huge codes without a grumble.

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So, to the developers out there, you obviously are aware of basic languages such as C, C++, Java and also some lesser known ones such as Python and Oracle. 

Here’s an ode to the latest programming language: Kotlin
Kotlin is developed by a team from JetBrains programmers, the creators of IntelliJ Java IDE, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Kotlin is an open source, statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and android which combines the features of object oriented and functional programming. 

It’s expressive, crisp and powerful but best of all it is interoperable or back compatible with Java. Meaning, you can use the same Java Libraries and also the program written in Kotlin can be converted to Java and vice versa. JetBrains provides simple but powerful Java to Kotlin converters and can generate Java and JavaScript from Kotlin code. 

Until May 2017, the only supported languages for Android were Java and C++. Adding another feather to its cap is the recent verdict at Google I/O 2017, where Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android. Kotlin aims to bridge the gap of a missing modern language for Android platform.

When it comes to Kotlin vs. Java, the answer is simple. Kotlin codes are safer and more concise than their Java counterparts and since Kotlin and Java can coexist in Android apps, Kotlin is not only useful for new apps but also for updating existing Java apps.

For the experimenting and the curious kind, this is an entire new arena to explore. 

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