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Tech Gap: An Uprising Problem

What comes to your mind when you hear “tech skills gap”? You think of skills traditionally associated with information technology firms like coding, software development, and network security management. If compared with hard skills, the gap in applied skills reaches across all sectors. This affects everyone from artists to healthcare workers to business professionals.

There’s a huge demand for workers with tech skills and it continues to soar up every day, across all industries. To better understand the problem and its solutions, consider the following five key points and the opportunities that this Tech Skills Gap offers:
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Tech skills aren't specific just to the technology sector, but it runs across every industry. The main aim of these essential skills includes the ability to use technology to benefit the organization. Many people lack the necessary skills. That's a gap many people don't anticipate, and it's also an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and hone the existing.


There are more than 500,000 computing jobs open across the nation, but less than 50,000 students graduated with a computer science background in 2016. And the main hub of the graduated ones was IT alone. And this is the same issue with other fields, such as healthcare and business.

A survey conducted amongst the industrial hub showed:
  • 62% of students coming out of school aren't prepared with the necessary tech skills
  • 11% agree that school is effective in meeting skill need
  • Three out of four employers feel that finding an employee with all job description requirements is rare


Educators, institutions and industry advisers need to work together to create curriculums that meet today's demands. It's not only on the shoulders of employers and employees. This will likely include the movement toward an "anytime, anywhere" educational model to bring online and onsite opportunities together.


As more and more business require workers with applied tech and latest hard skills, the present generation is tasked to keep up with the flow to avoid falling into that gap. Advancing technology doesn't allow anyone to become contented. For those who see the gap as an opportunity, it's a great time to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones.

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