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    On Sunday the 1st of October 2017, AVCOE hosted its alumni meetup for the year in Sangamner. The aim was to get the alumni to meet one another especially. Another goal was to get them thinking and talking about the various post-school opportunities available to them and plan for the year ahead.

    The meetup was packed with an exclusive function from the college students. They performed modern and classical songs, dance, stage plays, poetry recitation and much more. The current principal, teachers, students and alumni all gave a speech and shared good luck for upcoming future. The night was filled with the ultimatum DJ fest. All the people present there enjoyed the night filled with lights and music.
    Check out the videos of the event here.
    Check out the pics of the meetup here.

    Click here to check the local newspaper article.

    On day two, the alumni shared what they are currently doing (be it work or study) and what their plans are for the upcoming years. The alumni gave the current generation an in-depth explanation of how they will help them in work by completing a profile on their site, students avail themselves to businesses looking for skilled candidates. The alumni also pressed on the issues in the country and its difficulty that exists around i.e.finding employment after studying, partly due to lack of experience. They seek to connect students to what they call as "internships”, which is part-time work a student can do from the day they start studying. Such opportunities may help students come to realizations about their field of study earlier giving them the chance to gain certain skills or change their career path. The alumni also gave pointers and tips to graduate job-seekers and students looking to complete internships and in-service training.
    Please follow the link for feedback and registration for mentorship scheme

    Testimonials on social media from the Alumni.

    The principal, DR. M.A.Venkatesh commended all the alumni, students and the staff for their work and for arranging this wonderful meetup.
    Click here to read the letter written by the Principal

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