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First year engineering students! Do you know about this app?

A team of Engineering students from Karnataka had volunteered to develop an Android application for first year engineering students.

This app is called ‘Engienrai’ and it encapsulates the notes for engineering with all the subjects from the respective branches. Prepared and sorted by the engineering students themselves, Enginera's syllabus is purely based on Autonomous and VTU colleges. The application is very user-friendly. It contains notes and self-explanatory diagrams and drawings while giving free access to these notes of all the subjects under one roof. Once it is installed, it also works offline.

This application is very useful and informative to first years and is a must-have. It can be used in the following ways.
  • Last moment preparation before the exam.
  • Brush up tool for interviews and jobs.
  • Peripheral introduction to basic engineering concepts before any competitive exams.

The app was developed by a team of nine students; one of them being an Animation Designer. They began working on this app in January 2017 and it was officially launched in September. The app also provides a platform for students to get their doubts clarified. The team makes it a point to answer the doubts posted by students. The team is also currently in works of developing second year engineering content. They believe that this app would be of a lot of use to Engineering students as it provides study material for free and that it will help them with their studies.

AVCOE believes that innovation like this one is what changes the world and we are always looking forward to support and encourage our students’ talent in the invention field.

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