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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is a world famous space research and development organization formed on independence day, 196...

Role of Engineers in ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is a world famous space research and development organization formed on independence day, 1969 by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai. Engineers have played a key role in research & development at ISRO & have been a huge part of its achievements.  Engineers like P. Kunhikrishnan; S. Somnath; Tapan Mishra, and many more are a major part of success at ISRO. ISRO now recruits bulk of engineers in the field of mechanics, electrical, and computer science for research and development every year.
In this blog, we further mention ways that could help you be a part of your dream job at ISRO.

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ISRO: Achievements that made india proud!

  1. ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single flight:
Sending 104 satellites in one go gave India a great competitive edge. On 15 February, 2017 ISRO made India proud by launching 104 satellites in one flight. It helped us in emerging as a competitive candidate in space commercial market and gaining reputation globally for its effective yet low cost mission. This mission also attracted many countries and organizations to launch their satellite via ISRO.

  1.  Mangalyaan or Mom, 2014 -
India became the first country to reach the red planet successfully in its first attempt. When it comes to low cost satellite mission, ISRO is the best option because of its popular ‘Mars Mission’. Mangalyaan mission was operated in a low cost amount of INR.450 cr. which is cheaper than an eight lane bridge in Mumbai. The success of mangalyaan helped India in growing financially because of the international investments made by many countries in India after the launch and success of mangalyaan.

  1. Chandrayaan 1,2008-
Chandrayaan is India's first lunar probe. It lifted off on 21st october, 2008 and it mapped about 95% of the moon's surface. The most significant result from chandrayaan was presence of water on moon.

Working at ISRO is a achievement in itself because of its well known and commendable achievements. ISRO has many career opportunities for engineers.
Well if you are an engineer and dream to be a part of ISRO, the below information will guide you to your dream goal.

“Stepping stones that will eventually lead to being a part of ISRO someday-
ISRO recruits students from Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer science engineering & Chemical engineering.
ISRO has different work fields for the above mentioned engineering branches:

  • Electrical engineers are recruited for power electronics department. It is totally based on research over fuel cell technology, energy storage and control systems.
  • Civil engineers are recruited for the department of civil maintenance. Civil engineers are mainly responsible for construction, maintenance, design, planning of all ground based structure buildings of ISRO.

  • Mechanical engineers play a very important role in ISRO. They are recruited for mechanical design or work related to engines, cryogenics, propulsion, fabrication and structural design.

  • Computer science engineers are recruited for developing and maintaining new software for simulations and other operations.

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