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    Check out this new Windows 10 feature which will protect your files from ransomware!

    Check out this new Windows 10 feature which will protect your files from ransomware! 

    In May this year, a ransomware called WannaCry started spreading and attacking through Europe. WannaCry grasped vulnerabilities in Windows OS, affecting a lot of companies and lacs of machines. Not very later, yet another ransomware named Petya attacked. This ransomware which disrupted big businesses and government organizations was first reported in Ukraine. However, it’s quickly spreading and attacking other countries.
    Read on to find about what's a ransomware and how Windows 10 new feature will protect your files.

    What’s a ransomware?
    A ransomware is a type of software designed to block access to a computer system until a certain amount of money is paid - the payment is usually requested to be in bitcoins.It features unbreakable decryption. There  is a possibility that it may spread to other PCs that are connected via Local Network. Extorting money is usually the main objective of a ransomware.

    Is India affected?
    India was also one of the countries attacked by WannaCry. It can affect home users because they have no data backups and have a very little knowledge about cyber security. But it is unlikely that it will attack users at home, even so, one can never be too careful. It’s a good thing Windows 10 has taken care of your worries.

    How will Windows 10 protect my files?
    Windows 10 will be launching a new update in October called the Controlled Folder Access.
    A user may access this option from Windows Defender Security Center, under the "Virus & Threat Protection" option.
    The working of this feature isn’t all that difficult. Once you turn the Controlled Folder Access on, there exists a Default option which will protect all your files and documents. A user can also customize the settings by adding custom folders.Thus, the new Controlled Folder Access feature will shield certain files and folders from the reach of viruses and ransomware.

    Since cyber crimes are becoming a huge problem of today’s world (and they are not going to stop anytime soon), it is important that students of AVCOE know about it’s know-how and to keep up with news regarding the same.


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