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    What happens when engineering becomes both passion and profession?

    What happens when engineering becomes both passion and profession? 

     Earlier when people used to ask us what we wanted to become when we grew up, there used to be a general answer by each one of us; “I want to become an engineer!” It used to be an innocent answer having no detailed thought to back it up. We often used to answer by getting intrigued with the images of people carrying laptops, going to office, working on projects and making big in life! The thoughts of our future began with high school studies, our interest in a particular subject and our curiosity to know more! Students taking up engineering are either too much into buildings, machines, computers, technology or even mobile phone! That’s when the curiosity leads its way to the future!
     When the course began, we were too overwhelmed with the analytics, techniques, mathematics, designs, instrumentations and equations! We started understanding the concepts of each; trying to apply them wherever we could and practicing them everyday! The subjects were engaging and we realised that it wasn’t engineering anymore; it was the passion we were looking for! It was fun; it was exciting; it was creative!

    We, at AVCOE, used to often hear about our senior Mr. Pravin Kolhe, whose success story is no less than an inspiring movie! Taking inspiration and cues from him, We decided that we’ll focus on the subjects we love and work for the development of new techniques and software! Till the time we reached 4th year of college, we had become passionate about the whole thing of engineering. We started doing crazy things such as:
    • Opening laptops and computers to check things
    • Breaking open source mobile phones to study the algorithm
    • Reading about technology way more than we had in syllabus
    • Being up to date about new devices, softwares and apps
    • Following famous personalities
    • Reading technical articles by them
    • Applying engineering to things surrounding us etc.

    These things made us not only learn things but also become possessive and passionate about the field and type of work! We do not shy away from accepting that we belong to the most common profession that exists nowadays! In fact, we take pride in it! We take pride in being AVCOEians!

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