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February 28, 2017

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge..
Dil chahta hai..
Jaane nahi denge tujhe..

What is common in all these songs? What is the link that connects them all? Yes, they are all about the best relationships of our lives; Friendship! The moment we hear these songs the first thing we do is think of our everyday buddies. Friends that we make at school are special but the ones that we make at college always have an entirely different place in our hearts. From our conversations to our deepest secrets, they know it all.

Life without our friends would be so boring and hard to deal with. Who would we bunk classes, overeat canteen food and gossip at our Katta with? Not just that, we hold their hand while watching all the horror movies, it’s them who teach us how to drive, it’s them who push us more for studies and it’s them who make sure we are always doing well! In fact, they stand up for us more than anybody else and are half the reason we even attend college.

Over the years we make a number of friends to hang out with because of the innumerable college activities we participate in. Everyone has something to teach us and help us in different ways! We have friends in our class who accompany us in everything, everywhere! They are the ones who teach us how to make amazing last minute presentations. It is from them that we learn teamwork and dedication.
We also make friends with our senior batch mates in performing art groups, in sports activities and also in hostel! If we have learnt to deal with homesickness and lonely nights, it is because of them.

Many a times,  we even become good friends with the faculty members, who let us explore the topics and discuss in detail; helping us get an insight in the topic. The study group is also one such group that brings the best out of us! Those times of studying together, teaching each other and learning from one another always stay in the best of our memories!
All these people stay near our hearts during college life and many years down the line; and we will always turn back to see nothing else but the memories that will make us laugh and cry at the same time.

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