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    “College”, a word that makes million memories come rushing back to us. Taking a trip down the memory lane, what is the most important thing that we remember apart from our teachers, friends & canteen food?? Our ‘Katta’!

    Every college has its dedicated “hangout” place where every group has spent half of their college time. For others it may be just a term, but for us, it is a place very close to our hearts.  Katta can be  any random place in a college:
    • Corridors
    • Staircase
    • Platform under a tree
    • The terrace.

    Katta has a different aura to it! Every person there, will be very thrilled to tell us the story as to how that very place came to be known as their own katta! Some of us have spent our time there having the best Chai from Canteen wale Bhaiya and some of us have copied our assignments from each other in the last minute. Oh, and how can we forget; some of us have discussed our deepest secrets and have cried over the most stupid reason out there too.
    We have our very own katta too! AVCOE’s favourite place: Terrace! Why? Because, that was one place where you could find a number of  people from different age groups, streams and fields making the best conversations and memories there. We have watched many sunsets and gossiped away to glory, experienced the season’s first rains and danced joyously. The best part used to be when the watchman bhaiya used to come to drive us away! We only used to make him run until he gave up!

    Oh how amazing the days they were! We wish we could always stay there, enjoying and spending time with our buddies! Reflecting upon all this, we have made up our minds. After we finish our college and come visit it again, guess where we will go first?
    Our hangout place! Our katta!

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