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Hostel - Ek Aashiana

November 17, 2016

Dharma productions beautifully planted the idea of college even before we knew it. Admit it, we all have been dreaming about our college since we first saw ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai.’
And finally the spring came.

Remember that day when everybody at your home was teary eyed realising their little one isn’t little anymore and terribly anxious thinking about things like:
  • Your food
  • Your life
  • Your studies
  • and of course, your friends at the hostel

Whereas at the same time you were occupied packing hefty suitcases, all prepared to leave the comfortable nest and step into a new yet amusing phase of college- Hostel!
Little did you know that you shall crown the hostel as your second home.

Hostel, what might resemble an alien world as you open the door in the beginning turns out to be the best thing that can ever happen to you.

Hostel life is a very sincere teacher
It teaches you how to be independent and self sufficient. It teaches you, “sharing is caring” as you learn to take care and be there for fellow friends, who too are away from home. Remember, those days when one’s toothpaste was everybody’s toothpaste and it didn’t matter if you actually were wearing your t-shirt. It teaches you that life at times can be difficult but you can make through.
It teaches the significance of family, the value of 50 rs. meal and above all, the joys in little-little things.
And, oh well, the people, you develop the bond for a lifetime with them.
From being there through thick and thin, the late night conversations, those times of helping each other with studies and learning, those pizza sessions and the constant rector’s fear, you have seen it all with them.

While you pack your college post 4 years in few carton boxes and a million memories, you thank yourself for coming a long way, for blooming through it all.

Nostalgic much?

We can’t wait to hear about your hostel experiences. Tell us about your hostel life, your favorite memories or your most fond person during your hostel life in the comments section below. Let them know you are thinking of them too.

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