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Canteen Mein Bahot Kuch Pakta Hai!

November 29, 2016

“Uncle, 4 cutting chai aur 3 vada pav dena!”, “Aur kitna time lagega?”, “paise kal deta hoon, abhi likh lo”, “pehle kha le, fir assignment kar!”
Everyone is familiar with all these dialogues! They all remind us of a time, a place, an aura, a bucket of memories and a safe haven all through our college life; the canteen!

CANTEEN; where every corner has things to sell and every table has a story to tell! It is the only place where gatherings of friends and teachers are found simultaneously, both in their most chilled out phase, not worrying about each other. In fact, it is a place with many memories, talks and nostalgia associated with it that reminds everyone of their canteen days. If we recall the perfect canteen atmosphere at any given time, we’ll see a place:
  • Which is the “KATTA” for all
  • Where everyone is always busy
  • Where all meetings are held
  • Where candid moments are captured
  • Where new friends are made
  • Where life is always awesome
  • Where memories are made

In entire college life canteen is always the best part! That cutting chai with the aroma of ginger, the famous poha, idli chutney, spicy masala pav and tangy noodles determines our everyday cuisines!

Place Matters:
After a strange observation, we found out that canteen is a place that has lot of corners and strategically placed tables which can be chosen to either hide or be directly visible!  At one corner there are some gossiping guys whereas at another there is a group finishing their assignment at eleventh hour.

Canteen is not just a place where you go, eat and leave. It possesses the energy to lift up your mood every time you enter. In fact, it is a place where the ‘chai wale uncle’ and the ‘serving guy’, all become buddies and know each other by names. It is a place where you have smile-buddies who just smile and you revert the gesture without knowing each other.
It is, in fact, a different world altogether which is to be cherished, loved and experienced!

So, when are you visiting your COLLEGE CANTEEN next?

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