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The Information Technology Industry has emerged in India because of the concerted efforts of Government particularly since 1980s, private...

Exciting Career in the IT Industry

The Information Technology Industry has emerged in India because of the concerted efforts of Government particularly since 1980s, private initiatives, public private partnerships and emergence of software technology parks.

India was the first among the developing nations to recognize the importance of software, the key driver behind exporting software was foreign exchange. In 1990s due to the stringent US laws the US based IT companies adopted a model where in only some programmers would work at the Client’s premises i.e USA whereas others would continue to work here in India at their back end offices. As the Indian IT industry adopted this new model the Indian IT exports boomed.  Among the Fortune 500 companies over 250 outsource their software related work to India. Leading Indian IT firms such as Infosys and Wipro have gone multinational and have offices around the world employing nationals in these countries.

What is going to happen in IT in coming years?
The IT- Information Technology sector includes a vast domain of fields like software development, consultancies, software management, online services, Business Process Outsourcing etc. The field currently is undergoing rapid evolution and is changing the shape of not only the Businesses in India but also the Global Businesses. With the upcoming e-commerce and m-commerce sectors the IT industry is going to see immense growth beyond the capacity of what we can even imagine as of now. 
Future growth is surely going to come in a form of combination of higher value services, increasingly non-linear play and further extension of the sector’s cost proposition. The sector is expanding rapidly in terms of vertical and geographical markets, attracting new customers, transforming from a technology to strategic partner.

Some upcoming technologies in IT sector include:
·         Algorithmic Personality Detection
·         Bots
·         Quantum Computing

How vast is Information Technology?

The IT industry is one which is not limited to software development alone. Technology can be applied in almost all fields right from libraries, hospitals, banks, shops, prisons, hotels, airports, train stations to  many other places through database management systems, or through custom-made software as seen fit.

Where to study about Information Technology in the best possible way?

A lot of IT colleges have since then been educating students to make them ready for the coming futuristic IT world. One such college is Amrutvahini College of Engineering. The IT department in AVCOE was started in 2001 with intake of only 30 students back then. It has increased to 60 since the academic year 2008-2009. The institute has all the state of the art facilities helping students to gain updated and latest knowledge of the IT industry.

So if you are looking forward to make an exciting career in the IT Industry and explore the upcoming technologies you know where to head for.