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MEDHA 2016- Skits Musical Dance Drama

December 04, 2015
We are literally twirling as we inform you of Amrutvahini College of Engineering's mega cultural fest -"MEDHA 2016". Its an overall art and culture related festival which involves an assortment of activities with an overall view to involve everyone and celebrate.

"All the world is a stage" said Shakespeare. Theatrics and theater arts have always been a part of our culture, art and tradition. In ancient India, dance drama was one of the most rejoiced form of entertainment. It was considered a beautiful form of art. The artists involved in it were very highly respected and recognized. Today, skits have taken up an all new image of spreading awareness regarding the various social issues and spread good word about them. It is still the most intricate form of art and involves a lot of patience, imagination and crafting; overall. 

Breathing life and giving wave to this, AVCOE's very skilled students are organizing a "Skits Musical Drama" event to bring about people and give them a platform which is best for them to showcase their talent. It is going to be a musical event, full of grit and energy- followed by an extravagant show of dance and skit. Topping it off with a wholesome juicy and, if I may say dramatic ending and social message. 

It is going to be one heck of a wonderful journey, involving and bringing together everyone to have a blast and take home a social message. 

All the students are duly invited to come up and enjoy this very well crafted art form. 

There is so much more about to happen which you do not wish to miss out. Stay tuned!

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