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MEDHA 2016- Singing

December 04, 2015
We take extreme pleasure and joy in announcing the onset of Amrutvahini College of Engineering's mega cultural fest- "MEDHA 2016". It's a cultural fest encompassing a range of the most exquisite cultural activities under the umbrella of one fest. To be set to get launched on 1st January, 2016 to 3rd January, 2016; it is going to be one wonderful ride for all the ones participating.

Listening to a choir dole out the most beautiful of songs is said to soften the hardest of hearts. The ripples of joy that a good song brings to the surrounding garners in it an extreme sense of elation. Singing is supposed to make people break free and let themselves go. It expresses our unexpressed feelings in the most beautiful of words and tunes. Be it being on the pedestal and creating it or be it standing in the audience and grooving to it- singing brings joy and happiness to all and sundry.

Recognizing this unique quality that only a singer can exhibit and have on the listeners, the very promising students of AVCOE have inculcated the event of "Singing" in their mega cultural fest- MEDHA 2016. Anyone with the talent or panache to sing is welcome to come on stage and showcase it. It is undoubtedly going to be one of the most happening events of the mega cultural fest- MEDHA 2016 organized by AVCOE.

We are predicting an environment of merrymaking and revelry for the "Singing" event of MEDHA. And, you surely do not want to miss this one out.

So come on, join us and be a part of the most joyous college fest this new year at "Vasant Dada Complex" organised by "Amrutvahini Sheti and Shikshan Vikas Sanstha".

There's much more coming ahead. So stay tuned!

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