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November 27, 2015

Amrutvahini College of Engineering's Civil Engineering Department conducted TECHNOAMRUT 2k15 which is a Technical Event that they hold for students. It was a very well organized event, which came out well only because of the sincere and arduous efforts of the Student Committee and the Professors alike. The whole event was meticulously planned and executed under the guidance of the Coordinator-  Prof. S.B. Kandekar, the Convener- Prof. M.R. Wakchaure, the HOD and Chief Coordinator Dr. N.U. Mate.

Amongst the Student Administrative Committe, the Student Coordinator- Mr. Deshmukh Indrajeet and Mr. Thorat Tejal, the Secretary- Mr. Bagul Varad and Mr. Adik Gaurav, the Treasurer- Mr. Nagare Saurabh took due care to establish things well there.

Events like Crane War, Paper Presentation, Setting Out Competition, Draft Power, Design Mania, Bridge Kridge, Buzz Quiz, Tug of War, Box Cricket and Unseen Amrutvahini (Selfie) Contests were held.

The response received for it was extremely overwhelming, both by the students and the staff.

The combined efforts, dedication and participation by all led it into being a successful event.

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