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Prof. Sudeep Hase , faculty member of Information Technology Department of Amrutvahini College of Engineering . He is also Director of Daini...

Prof. Sudeep Hase publishes book on Cloud Computing

Prof. Sudeep Hase, faculty member of Information Technology Department of Amrutvahini College of Engineering. He is also Director of Dainik Yuvavarta, which is a leading Marathi newspaper in Ahmednagar, which gets published in Sangamner.

The novel developments in Computer Technology in Cloud Computing, has been researched and worked on by him. The book was published by Germany’s leading publishing house “Lambert Academic Publication”.

In this book, he has talked about sharing and spreading of data through cloud computing in the least possible time. He has been aided in the writing and publishing of this book by internationally acclaimed experts in this subject. He also has 6 thesispublished under his name on an international platform. He has graduated from Amrutvahini College of Engineering in First Class in Masters of Computer Engineering. He has also worked with ESDS Software Solutions on Cloud Computing.

He has been felicitated for his book from the Founder of Dainik Yuvavarta, Mr. Kisan Bhau Hase. Also, he has been congratulated by the city bigwigs, namely; Mr. Balasaheb Thora (MLA), President of AVCOE, BY Dr. Sudhir Tambe (MLA), by Sau Durgatai Tambe (Mayor, Sangamner), by Mr. Sau Sharayutai Deshmukh, by Mr. D.B.Patil (Chief Executive Officer of AVCOE), by Mr. V.B.Dhumar (Manager of AVCOE), by Prof. (Dr.) G.J. Vikhe Patil and all the reporters and well wishers from the city of Sangamner.

Prof. Sudeep Hase thanked his family and everyone else who has guided and supported him.