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Around 29 students from  Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner  got placed in Tata Consultancy Services while the comapny came on c...

STUDENTS PLACED IN TCS - A proud Moment for all of us at AVCOE

Around 29 students from Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner got placed in Tata Consultancy Services while the comapny came on campus for recruitments, as is customary for the college. 

Students from branches like Computer, IT, Electrical, Mechanical and EnTC emerged out with flying colors, ready to take on the corporate world.

AVCOE wishes them all the very best for their future. We hope this shining lot upholds the prestige and face of the college in the corporate world too.

The list of students who got placed is as follows:

Reference Id Candidate Name Branch Package

CT20141200698 Priyanka Sapkal Computer Engg 3.53 LPA

CT20141200789 Saylee Kadhane Computer Engg 3.53 LPA

CT20141200820 Pratik Thorat Computer Engg 3.53 LPA

CT20141200737 Mayur Ghumare Electrical 3.53 LPA

CT20141200799 Shubham Ghodeswar Electrical 3.53 LPA

CT20151532993 Vinita Shinde Electrical 3.53 LPA

CT20141202188 Sachin Bhikane Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141202544 Dhananjay Tanpure Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141202897 Gaurav Wagh Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141202904 Harshavardhan Walte Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141203743 Neelkumar Panchal Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141206635 Tushar Kotkar Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141390953 Nilesh Mungase Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20151726258 Tejas Gadhe Mechanical 3.53 LPA

Akshay Aghav Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20151727357 Niraj Joshi Mechanical 3.53 LPA

CT20141200844 Aziz Baduda IT 3.53 LPA

CT20141200853 Akanksha Gadekar IT 3.53 LPA

CT20141200854 Uma Bhosle IT 3.53 LPA

CT20151533777 Pratibha Bhawar IT 3.53 LPA

CT20151536743 Damini Kadlag EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141203241 Swapnil Kinge EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20151523762 Snehalata Raut EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141200968 Vishal Pandule EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141201309 Prajakta Paimode EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141200683 Shivhar Shrimangal EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141200677 Sheetal Galande EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141200679 Dipika Varpe EnTC 3.53 LPA

CT20141200680  Pradnya Bhor EnTC 3.53 LPA