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One of the most expansive and lucrative engineering fields today is mechanical engineering. With skyscrapers going up in all parts of the w...

One of the most expansive and lucrative engineering fields today is mechanical engineering. With skyscrapers going up in all parts of the world, to the constant demand for housing, mech engineers are a valued breed. However, there is more to being an excellent mechanical engineering than just being good in science and mathematics. Whether you are a fresh engineering graduate or have been hired as a mechanical engineering officer with tons of experience, the tips shared here will surely help you move forward in your profession.

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1. Be technically sound

It is imperative you become technically sound in your field. Even if you plan to become an engineering manager at a young age, it is still important that you understand the technical aspect of your field to best be able to manage staff and speak with prospective and current clients.

2. Gain experience as a mechanical engineer

As long as you go out there and start developing your Mechanical Engineering skills by doing internships, taking part-time jobs, volunteering, or shadowing professionals, you have the best chance of not only graduating with a great degree but also with practical insight about how to get the job done. 

3. Be a part of the innovation pipelines

Always be open to new ideas, even if they come from sources outside your group. Companies are always looking for engineers who bring creativity and innovation to the job.

4. Never say no to opportunities

As the saying goes “Opportunity never knocks on the door twice!”, don’t resist any opportunity coming your way even if you think it is out of your scope. Grab every chance you get to improve your career.

5. Improve your communication skills

Many engineers prefer to stick to the technical design track, while others branch off into management roles. Whichever field you choose, you need to be comfortable talking to your colleagues, seniors or even the customers. Developing ‘soft skills’ is vital for engineers irrespective of what field they are in.

Mechanical engineering is a field changing so quickly, that you may study things in your final year that was thought almost unfeasible in the first year. If that excites you, give Mech Engineering a serious thought. 

While achieving good marks in your exams is a good way of starting, academic excellence is not the only thing that graduate employers are l...

While achieving good marks in your exams is a good way of starting, academic excellence is not the only thing that graduate employers are looking for in their candidates these days. Even though every profession has different requirements, a certain set of skills are valued by every industry and organization. Here’s a list-


Communication skills

Time management

Ability to work under pressure

Leadership qualities

Creative and critical thinking

Problem-solving skills

Emotional intelligence

All of these qualities are soft skills and while it is not necessary that you have all of them, you need to convince your interviewee that you can always learn them.

How to demonstrate your soft skills?
Soft skills are very abstract in nature and an interview could provide a very less of a time for the employer to understand yours. Which is why most of the companies conduct various personality and aptitude tests. Also, direct questions that target a particular soft skill of yours (for example: When was the last time you exhibited great leadership qualities?) could be asked, and a good, nicely framed answer could speak a lot about your personality.

What specific skills is a graduate employer looking for?
While every employer will be looking for a certain mix of hard and soft skills, you can find out what an employer is looking for by studying the job description carefully. Understand their requirements and stress on some skills accordingly. Tailor yourself and your resume based on whether the job requires more of soft skills or hard skills.

How do I work on my skills?
While most of the basics of your hard skills will be taken care of in your graduation, you would probably have to know a little something extra to just get you there. While taking a small course can help, you can also choose to intern or volunteer for a more personalized and first-hand experience.

Soft skills play a very important role, not just in getting you a job but also in determining your success in it. There are various ways in which you can work on them and you definitely should because with the right personality and a positive attitude, your dream job is not far away.

The students at AVCOE are trained with not just hard skills but with soft skills too, so that when they graduate, they are industry-ready. For this and many such reasons, we have become one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra.
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word smart? Well, leave its definition aside this adjective has a big image of itself. Don’t you ...

What comes to your mind when you hear the word smart? Well, leave its definition aside this adjective has a big image of itself. Don’t you think so? Image having a casual conversation with someone and you go, “hey guess what, I’m starting a smart business!”

Trust us, it will have them wondering what it really is, maybe it’s making you a little curious as well, right? So let’s talk about it.

What exactly is a smart startup?
Basically, any idea, strategy or even thought put together in a business module to help the society. Providing them with a product or service which either problem solving or making people’s life easy. Quick examples are Uber, facebook, cloud storage and, etc. You know what we can’t even begin with the list of such ideas, you see it could go miles out. Because we’re surrounded by companies providing such solutions to us that too so easily that we think it’s all normal.

So what’s the fuzz about? What do you really need to start a smart startup of your own?

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The Idea is; an idea. Once you have it you can go ahead conceptualize it and start working,

Probably you can build your own company in no time, and that too while having fun! Once you have an idea, starting your own startup is not hard at all, you will find people who would trust in your ‘smart vision’ or as we have learned in management basics… Planning, staffing, directing and controlling.

As we have said above, you need to have an idea. We want to take a moment to share this fantastic platform called

Let’s have look at some amazing ideas we’ve come across on the platform.

Smart Startup Idea By Sanchit Chhabra
Product: Barcoded Shopping Bags

This idea is specific to the Retail Industry. Idea is to build Shopping Bags having unique Barcode on it. At the time of billing, particular Shopping Bag barcodes (one ore more) will get associated with articles purchased by the customer. At the time of Customer exit from Retail Store, scanners can be placed to ensure that shopping bag only contains articles in POS transaction. This will act as Anti Theft and will be really helpful for markets like India, wherein Security Guards are required to physically check each and every article along with POS generated a bill.
Way to go!

Smart Startup Idea By Nguyễn Minh Nhật
Product: Music social network

I would like to connect the world through music. Thanks to this app everyone can make a song with their friends which can be shared or a present to someone.

You love to sing, play music instruments, now you can make friends all around the world who has the same passion together to make a beautiful song anytime and anywhere, I love to play Cajon and guitar, I can put that info to my profile so that anyone loves to sing can find me, then we can chat, discover our music taste, cultures, share experiences...and so on. You can also make a song to send to someone you love to, as a present at birthday, Christmas...or to show your love. You don't want to make any song, but love music, this can be your music library, just show your favourite song, your music taste which can show your emotion, your feeling in some moments without any words.

How to make a song? We will connect to each other, then you can use your smart phone's mic, or special mic for good recording, the artist will use a small device which connects the guitar, piano to smartphone by Bluetooth or wifi, you hear the instruments sound and the artists hear your voice, the app will record and mix them together.

Let’s rock!

These are some ideas which require good nurturing, and it’s a vast term.

Or you can go ahead and invest your time and resources in these businesses

Smart business ideas:
  1. Healthy fast food
  2. Business Consultancy firm
  3. Yoga Studio with future technology
  4. VR Cinema Theatre for rental
Do you think these last 4 entries could be interesting? Stick to us, we’ll explain them in our next blog, see you there!

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As we all are aware, the novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV has turned into a global epidemic, rapidly spreading from animals to humans with no ...

As we all are aware, the novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV has turned into a global epidemic, rapidly spreading from animals to humans with no possible cure. AVCOE researched what technology can do to assist in this emergency and our findings are too interesting not to share!


Bluedot calls itself a ‘digital health company’. It uses its analytical system to go through piles of data such as news reports, airline information, reports of animal disease outbreaks and more, tracks this data and identifies trends that are further analyzed by epidemiologists. If the world has access to such insights and predictions of which area/community the disease is going to affect before it does, it may be avoided.
Here’s their website where you can learn about their algorithm in detail:

Digital Maps

The Centre for Systems Science and Engineering at John Hopkins University has developed a digital map that tracks reported cases of the 2019nCoV on a daily basis. The map shows every new case, confirmed death and recovery from the virus and this data can be downloaded as a Google Sheet.
Read more about it from the John Hopkins University:
Here’s the map for you to experience yourself:


Singapore-based Veredus Laboratories is developing a ‘portable Lab-on-Chip detection kit’ that has quick and portable detection solutions allowing the identification of infected individuals faster so they can be treated as soon as possible. In the words of Dr Rosemary Tan, CEO of Veredus Laboratories, “This VereCoV detection kit will be one of the first commercially available kits in the world with the capability to detect, differentiate and identify all 3 Coronaviruses in a single test in about 2 hours.”
Here’s the latest news from their website:

Robot Doctors and Nurses 

The patients who are identified to be carrying the 2019nCoV are immediately put into isolation and are kept under 24x7 observation and treatment. The medical staff assigned to these cases are at a high risk of being infected by the deadly disease. A viable solution to these problems could be AI doctors and nurses. Turns out, there is already one case of novel coronavirus being treated by a robot in the U.S.
Read all about it in this CNN news article:

We stay amazed at the ability that technology has of making our lives easier!

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One day, Shubhra was staring at the beautiful fridge magnets she had brought home from her and her husband’s trip abroad. That’s when s...

One day, Shubhra was staring at the beautiful fridge magnets she had brought home from her and her husband’s trip abroad. That’s when she realized that the Indian market did not offer something this unique to its culture. Indian souvenirs often consisted of shawls, showpieces or handcrafts ...and that is how Chumbak was born!

Shubhra Chaddha and her husband Vivek Prabhakar began an entrepreneurial venture together. They sold their home which was worth INR 45 lacs to seed fund their business! They started Chumbak in Bangalore initially only offering fridge magnets, but today they have stores all across India and offer a variety of products ranging from wallets, keys, phone covers, chains, jewelry, bags, and more! They have a total of 400 product categories in 150 stores pan-India. Shubhra believed that Indian designs were not marketed the right way and if that were done, it would reach a wider audience. Her brand encompasses pride for our culture and globalization of the same all into one. She has combined contemporary art with the spirit of our nation and produced a truly unique brand, the first of its kind.

Chumbak began as an online store in 2010 and in 2013, they set up their first office in Bangalore. They may have begun with their seed capital of INR 45 lacs, but after making smart business decisions and partnering with the right vendors, Shubhra and Vivek were able to raise $28,868,814 in funding from Narayan Ramachandran, Gaja Capitals, and Blacksoil.

Slowly but surely, Chumbak went from a souvenir store to a quirky, desi lifestyle brand! Who would’ve thought that a passion for traveling and collecting mementos from your travel could be turned into a one-of-a-kind, successful business across the country?

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In this blog, we look at the entrepreneurial journey of the founder of Baggit, Nina Lekhi and how one of the failures of her life ushered th...

In this blog, we look at the entrepreneurial journey of the founder of Baggit, Nina Lekhi and how one of the failures of her life ushered the start of an international brand.

Nina was a born creative and had a passion for painting. At 18 years old, she faced one of her life’s most harsh failures when she failed the first year of an art diploma she had been pursuing. She showed immense grace in bouncing back from this setback which is minting her millions, today!

Nina had a diverse handbag collection, each bag for a different purpose. Taking inspiration from her own closet, she began designing a variety of handbags herself. She noticed that at the time, the market lacked ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ bags and took it upon herself to meet this need. Thus, her ‘Bags with Attitude’ were born. With a startup capital of INR 7000 that her mother invested in her dream, she slowly, but surely began taking over the fashion world. Her handbags were designed to not only be of good quality but also of enough capacity for maximum storage of items. She also designed her bags according to international standards and sold them at a reasonable price.

Nina began marketing her product at exhibitions in hotels such as Oberoi Mall. She also sold a lot of bags during her time as a salesgirl at a fashion boutique where she stocked her handbags. She hit the jackpot when Shoppers Stop launched in the market and collaborated with her brand. Today, her business is worth around 1000 crores with over a thousand stores globally.

Nina Lekhi’s story is an inspiration to all of us showing us how a significant failure in your life can drive you to reach such great heights of success!

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Do you have a dream to start your own business? Are you a trailblazer? Do you see yourself as an excellent leader and a boss? Your entrepren...

Do you have a dream to start your own business? Are you a trailblazer? Do you see yourself as an excellent leader and a boss? Your entrepreneurial skills can help you start your very own brilliant business.
In this blog, AVCOE has a few tips on how you can make sure everyone knows and is talking about your brand new venture!

Be present online
With Google being the best way to find and be found, it is obvious that your startup needs to be ‘Google-able’. Submit your company to be listed in various such online directories that expose you to new audiences.

Make sure you learn the ins and outs of SEO marketing. Read up on the craft of increasing your ranking through effective SEO backlinks.

Socialize on social media
Build your brand image on the vast world of social media where anyone from any part of the world can discover your product or service. Host competitions, create hashtags, follow and engage with other businesses from your industry, and use appropriate CTAs.

Network, network, and network!
Try to attend as many conferences, seminars, award shows and other events that you can to build your network. Make it a point to introduce and have a conversation with like-minded individuals in your industry and give out as any business cards as you can.

Here is a list of events you can attend in 2020 to expand your network.

  • Startup Grind Global 2020, USA
  • 4 Years From Now, Spain
  • Connect Bogotá Open Innovation Summit, Columbia
  • Latitude59, Estonia
  • Collision, Canada
And many more.

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It’s a fact that we would be nowhere without technology and the many ways it has made our lives easier. But what happens when its power is m...

It’s a fact that we would be nowhere without technology and the many ways it has made our lives easier. But what happens when its power is misused? When it is used to exploit others?
In this blog, AVCOE looks at a few advances in technology that may cause a glitch in the betterment of our society.

Deepfake is an AI technology used to alter its content and make an artificial video. You can edit any face onto another and create a video of an individual doing or saying something they never actually did or said! You can create entire videos of people without them being a part of it at all. This can be used to change the game of comedy or the movie industry!

But unfortunately, this technology has been used for malicious intent rather than any positives. It is used to commit financial fraud, exploitative videos of celebrities, hoaxes, and blackmail. It plays a vital part in the degradation of women and spreading false information. Video proof may lose all credibility and authenticity as it can now easily be altered.
Take a look at it for yourself!

Adobe Voco
Deepfakes can only alter videos. You’d have to be a voice actor to replicate the voice of the person whose face is used in the Deepfake. Or do you? Adobe Voco is a software that allows you to replicate anyone’s voice!

It requires 20 minutes to understand and analyze and understand a particular voice, after which you can produce audio clips in that person’s voice. This phenomenon of cloning voices once again raises ethical questions. Your voice can be manipulated to say anything. It questions the authenticity of any kind of audio proof.

In this way, digital media can now be altered to fit individual narratives and lose any element of truth. Lawyers, journalists and other professionals that use digital media as evidence of the truth can no longer rely on it. Today’s technology uses a person’s identity as a password. If your face and your voice are accessible to anyone, your password isn’t a secret any longer! There are a few ways these AI technologies are being controlled i.e. Deepfakes being banned on many social media websites, but we have a long way to go before we fully understand the repercussions and harm that this technology can cause and find a way to fully eliminate it or find technology to detect it.

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‘YouTubers’ are the new-gen entrepreneurs. This career path is the easiest to embark on but slightly difficult to succeed in. We live in a t...

‘YouTubers’ are the new-gen entrepreneurs. This career path is the easiest to embark on but slightly difficult to succeed in. We live in a time where all you need to acquire fame and fortune is a star in a video that ends up going viral. But the probability of going viral is often unexpected. There doesn’t seem to be a parameter to judge whether or not your work will go viral for certain. This blog will focus on one of the youngest Youtubers that have made it to the top!

Ryan Kaji at age 4, began reviewing toys on Youtube in 2015. Today, at the age of 8 years old, his channel that was originally Ryan ToysReview, now Ryan’s World has a following of a whopping 22.4 million subscribers! According to Forbes, Ryan makes 22 million dollars in a year. Not bad for someone who’s still completing his primary education. His channel, run by his parents, mainly centers around Ryan reviewing brand new toys in the market. They also post educational videos, humorous skits, and various other concept videos.

Once Ryan’s channel began to take off his family signed up with a management team to help streamline his money, brand deals and optimize his success. This has greatly contributed to Ryan’s World becoming a million-dollar empire. He endorses some of the top brands in the markets and makes substantial profits on the sales of his own brand’s merchandise. His merch is featured in Target, Walmart and on Amazon. Ryan has expanded from the Youtube platform to Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, and aforementioned, Walmart.

This family channel with a fan following of millions of preschoolers has shown no indication of slowing down and with the help of the management companies they have signed with are reaching brand new heights. Who would’ve thought a primary school kid could build an empire by simply doing what he loves, with the exception of being in front of a camera! We, as adults can surely take a page out of Ryan’s World and be inspired to gain abundant success while doing what we love.

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Imagine this : you’ve got placed at your dream job. It’s your first week. You get there and things aren’t what you expected. Your manager is...

Imagine this: you’ve got placed at your dream job. It’s your first week. You get there and things aren’t what you expected. Your manager is demanding and there is a kind of pressure to work that you have never experienced before.

Turns out you have graduated with all the technical knowledge required to excel at your job, but no one evaluated your street smartness. When we say, grow personally to grow professionally, it means developing your personality to navigate effortlessly through a workplace environment and the various personalities you will encounter.

This week, AVCOE walks you through a few things you should keep in mind once you step into the corporate world.

Corporate Social Skills
Patience and diplomacy are your keys to a healthy attitude and unproblematic presence at work. Apart from maintaining regular social niceties, it is important to accept that you will come across people of varying competencies, personalities and mannerisms. Some of which, you may personally find displeasing. In these cases, you have to train yourself to maintain professional etiquette and deal with the person’s behaviour with a pinch of salt. It is essential to understand the difference between being firm on your point and being rude or dismissive of somebody else’s point. It is important to learn to curb egos without bruising them. In a workplace, when it comes to opinion, learn to be diplomatic. Acknowledge and validate opinions, even when you disagree with them, before putting your take on the matter forward. For instance, the phrase, “That’s a great idea! We could also try…” is a great way of acknowledging both yours and others opinion.

Strong Presence vs. Loud Presence
Unknowingly, your personality may rub others the wrong way. Always remember to tone it down when interacting with your colleagues and maintain a neutral persona. Loud, attention-seeking personalities are often disliked and considered disruptive in an office environment. Focus on developing a strong presence instead. One that is heard and respected. This is where you let your work and technical knowledge speak for you. Having a strong opinion backed up with facts triumphs having a loud voice, anyday. Try taking up responsibilities outside of your job description if it fits your schedule. This way you help your company grow while tending to your personal growth and become an asset to your firm.

Think Before You Discuss

At work, it is essential to be friendly but rare to make real friends. We live in a competitive world which may intensify in corporations. You never know people’s true intentions. Make sure you balance your personality and professionalism effectively. Be cautious about what and how much you share with your colleagues as the information may be circulated. Everyone needs somebody to talk to. Work can get lonely without a buddy. Make a conscious effort to share solutions as opposed to problems. If there’s something you need to vent about, share its possible solution or positive outcome rather than choosing to complain or whine about the situation. This promotes a healthy attitude towards your work, coworkers and obstacles if they arise.

Once you keep these little things in mind, you will be able to foster a peaceful work environment for yourself and a healthy relationship with the people around you. AVCOE’s Training & Placement cell guides students in every aspect of their professional life. For more advice such as this and any help you need to begin your career and further its success, get in touch with your T&P officer.

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Today, we take a look at one of Forbes most powerful women, Indra Nooyi, CEO and President of PepsiCo. Being a woman born into a conservativ...

Today, we take a look at one of Forbes most powerful women, Indra Nooyi, CEO and President of PepsiCo. Being a woman born into a conservative Indian family, her climb to the top hasn’t been an easy one. She began her life in Chennai and finished her bachelor’s degree in the field of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. She then went on to student management, first in the Indian Institute of Management, Chennai and then at the prestigious Yale Management School, USA.

Nooyi’s first memorable campaign was working closely with the launch of Stayfree sanitary napkins, while she worked with Johnson & Johnson. While she studied at Yale, she worked part-time as a receptionist. It is said that she was saving up to by a western outfit for her first job interview as a Yale graduate. She was rejected at the interview. For the next one, she was advised to ‘be herself’ which lead her to score the job in a saree! Ever since, she has stayed true to her roots and reached heights we are all here to witness today. 

Before PepsiCo, she also worked with Boston Consulting Group and Motorola. Once she began working with PepsiCo, she promptly took the company up the ladder of success. Apart from her personal growth from Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning to Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development, and then Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to finally landing CFO and a seat on PepsiCos Board of Directors group, she managed to increase PepsiCo’s annual profits by more than double. 

Today, she is credited the title of being one of the world’s most powerful women by several top business publications such as Fortune and Forbes and is the 12th highest paid women in the United States. She has also been awarded the prestigious Padma Bhushan. 

Many would not be able to handle this kind of fame, money and success as gracefully as Nooyi has. She remains grounded, giving top priority to her family of four and her Indian roots. At 62, she has achieved a level of success that is an inspiration to us all. 

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Have your ever dreamed of moving abroad? Are you thinking about starting fresh in a new place full of exciting opportunities? AVCOE has cura...

Have your ever dreamed of moving abroad? Are you thinking about starting fresh in a new place full of exciting opportunities? AVCOE has curated a list of countries that are excelling in the field of engineering that you may have not considered, where your career will flourish. 

New Zealand 
New Zealand has a population of over 4 million and still faces a shortage of employees in the engineering world. It is a wonderful place to work with, with one of the most stable economies. There is a huge scope of work in NZ, especially in civil engineering, as the need of the hour is to build safe, earthquake-resistant structures all over the country. 

Famous inventions from New Zealand: Bungee jump, the jet boat, the jet pack, nuclear physics, disposable hypodermic syringe, hand vacuum pump, McLaren cars, mountain buggy, and the electric fence. 

Popularly known as the most neutral country, Switzerland is also one of the wealthiest. It is advancing rapidly with innovative engineering as a vital part of its growth in technology. One of their main focus’ being scientific research and manufacturing, chemical and mechanical engineers would flourish in this wealthy European economy!

Famous inventions from Switzerland: Velcro, Swiss army knife, aluminium foil, and Swatch internet time.

German universities have a stellar reputation worldwide for their scientific research. You can only imagine the same enthusiasm and skill in the workplace. Who wouldn’t want to grow in such a beneficial environment? Their pharmaceutical and automobile industries are growing successfully and gaining popularity across the globe. This proves to be the perfect place for those of you interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical or mechanical engineering sectors. 

Famous inventions from Germany: Aspirin, automobile, bacteriology, accordion, contact lenses, printing press, bicycle, X-rays, record player & records, and coffee filters.

Japan has one of the most impressive infrastructures and is famous for its high-speed railway. Being one of the wealthiest economies, there is a massive scope for chemical, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering. For decades, it has upheld its reputation for contributing to leading technological inventions to the world. 

Famous inventions from Japan: DVDs, video camera, digital camera, walkman, CDs, Karaoke, video tape recorder, electronic calculators, and electric rice cooker.

When we hear the word abroad, most of us think of the US, UK, Canada or Australia. AVCOE urges you to think about a career in one of these four successful economies. Once you have made your decision, contact our T&P representative so you can work towards building your career after college and reaching new heights in your field. 

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A question we’ve been asked all our lives. For some of us, the answer has evolved or changed comp...

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A question we’ve been asked all our lives. For some of us, the answer has evolved or changed completely over the years. For some others, the answer has been determined from the start. Either way, the one thing we all have in common is inspiration. We have all come across people who have motivated us to work towards our dream. We decided to look beyond college life and engineering and take a look at those who are making it in the real world. In this blog series, AVCOE rounds up renowned names in business who, as the youth says, started from the bottom.

This month, we shine the spotlight on Richa Kar, better known as the Founder of Zivame. She started this online women’s lingerie store as a possible solution to the lingerie shopping issue, many women feel in India, to this day. Although we have come a long way in the way we think, there is still a little prevailing taboo left to banish from our society.

By launching an online platform where women can shop for lingerie without feeling uncomfortable, Richa Kar took a step towards countering this issue. But as one can guess, her start wasn’t an easy one. Ashamed and afraid of the stigma mentioned earlier, both her parents refused to have any part in helping her launch her business. So, the engineering graduate (like many of our readers aspire to be!), took matters into her own hands and pooled in all her savings and borrowed money from friends and started Zivame. She had a strong professional background in retail after working in Spencers’ and SAP and had conducted a thorough case study of Victoria’s Secret’s online sales. She quickly realised that there wasn’t a platform like that for women in India and decided to start her own.

Today, she may have stepped down as CEO, but her company is up and running. She stays on the board of directors and her dream continues to have the potential to reach new bounds. From having to mask her profession to proudly owning it, Richa Kar has come a long way and stays on top of our inspiration list. As Steve Harvey once said, “Failure is a great teacher.” This month’s entrepreneur story teaches us a little about failure and a lot about successfully overcoming societal stigma.

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Sea and ocean water levels are depleting. Global temperature is on a rapid rise. We have 11 years left to save our planet. Glaciers are melt...

Sea and ocean water levels are depleting.
Global temperature is on a rapid rise.
We have 11 years left to save our planet.
Glaciers are melting!

Sound familiar? By now, we have all heard about the limited window left for us to reverse the ill-effects of climate change before it’s too late and global warming becomes irreversible. Turns out, a lot of budding inventors have begun research on developing technology that makes not only our lives easier but also keeps mother nature safe and sound. This month, AVCOE dives deep into research to find astonishing eco-friendly inventions that are being developed as we speak!

Apart from the infamous and highly anticipated hyperloop or the 3D printer, the future holds a promise of inventions that are sure to work. Just look at the recent success in technology by 18-year-old Fion Ferreria who discovered a way to extract microplastics from ocean water. Plastic, being semi or non biodegradable, simply breaks down into microscopic particles called microplastic which ends up in bloodstreams of fish, animals and humans too! Speaking of plastic, let’s look at future technology some, rather most of which include substitutes for this environmentally-harmful material, making our world a better place to live in.

Do you drink enough water? If yes, what is your approach? Do you have a collection of used plastic water bottles in your room? Or do you carry a reusable sipper/bottle everywhere you go? We sure hope its the latter! But it looks like we don’t have to worry about that any longer because the future will bring us, edible water blobs called ‘Ooho!’ A group of brilliant minds from RCA and Imperial College London discovered an edible covering made out of seaweed extract that could be used to store water. This covering, if not consumed in 4 to 6 weeks, automatically decomposes!

So once we have our hydration needs in check, we can move on to edible packaging for everything! A team of researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture are in the process of developing edible food packaging that will be made out of casein, i.e. a protein found in milk.

Why stop there? A young man still finishing schooling has invented a solution to eliminating plastic bottles for product packaging by introducing the concept of shampoo balls. It’s just as simple as it sounds and a great step in favor of our planet.

Moving away from plastic, another major pollutant of our environment are petrol and gas emissions from cars. Air pollution is extremely toxic to not only our planet but also the life on it and although we have started moving towards electric cars, we still have a long way to go.

One such invention is said to take place in Gurgaon and it is called a pod taxi. This concept would reap numerous benefits, the most obvious being it will drastically cut down air pollution as it will run electrically. It will also be driverless and reduce road traffic congestion, which is a major issue in most places in India. People will soon be able to go to and from work with ease, and get to work on time!

But that’s just Gurgaon. What about the rest of our country? And eventually, the world? If we must continue driving cars that run on gas and petrol, we could make the carbon emissions that they give off to good use instead of bad. Experts from the MIT Lab have introduced Air-ink. This simple invention uses a filter called ‘Kaalink’ which turns carbon soot into usable ink!

Someone once said something along the lines of engineers picking up God’s creations where he left off. After looking into what’s next for us, thanks to highly-skilled inventors, you’d have to agree with that saying! These are a select few of the many technological inventions that are being conceptualised in this very moment! It looks like we are striving towards a better tomorrow. Our future looks promising. Our future will be environment-friendly.

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As rightly said by Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been ”, Engineering...

As rightly said by Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been ”, Engineering has been a career an option that has held its position of prominence since generations.
Even in today’s time, engineering is one of the most sought after career options and with a growth of almost 7 percent jobs in this field in the last 6 years, its scope is here to stay.  A lot of students have a misconception in their minds that post engineering they will be confined to a monotonous desk job however the diverse career options that engineering opens one’s gates to is unmatchable. Such is the importance of engineering that an engineering graduate can find a career option to pursue in any field of his or her interest. Here are some cool, unique, fun, and very real fields you can pursue a career in with an engineering degree-

      1).    Artificial Intelligence

Are you someone who is intrigued by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence? Does seeing Sofia make conversations leave you baffled? You can too be a part of this field that is growing with each passing day, thanks to the increasing funding and development. Various engineering majors from software engineering to mechanical engineering can help you build a career in this field.

      2).    Design cars of the future

The need of the hour is to reduce the consumption of fuels like petrol and diesel to reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Most car developers have shifted their focus towards developing vehicles and cars that run on alternate sources of energy. Hence if you have been a child who always sketched cars in the back of his or her registers and imagined designing your dream car, this might be your chance. A career in this direction will not only be extremely challenging yet fun but will also help you make a vast difference for the betterment of this planet.

      3).    Fashion Industry

If you are someone who has always had a knack for fashion, this is the path for you to go on. Brands like Adidas are emphasising the importance of incorporating engineering in their products to make them extraordinary. Clothing industries have shifted their focus towards creating innovative fabrics that allow them to turn imaginations into reality. Hence you can use your love for fashion to create products that will be all the rage.

      4).    Digital Music Software Engineer

To have a career in the music industry you don’t always have to be on the stage. Digital music software engineers create and maintain computer programs used for producing sound effects. So you don’t only create software’s that allow music to be developed from, but you also build tools for millions to chase their dream using your creation. 
      5).    Formula One Racing Engineer

Formula 1 is a competition that needs no introduction around the world, but for all of its high-speed glamor and prestige, there’s not a huge amount known about its inner workings. The stuff we see on a race Sunday is merely the veneer atop a massive enterprise of globetrotting logistics, intricate planning, and multinational team organization. The job of a Formula One engineer involves various roles apart from the technical aspect of the job from managing the synchronization of the team to analyzing data. Hence if there’s a love for speed in your life, this is the career you should aim towards. 
      6).    Toy Designer

For the ones out there with a creative mind and an interest in product development, designing products is a field open to engineers. Toy designing happens to be an interesting niche- a path pursuable with an engineering degree. With the involvement of more technology, advancement, and competition in the toy industry, toy designing is a path that one should consider if they believe they might have ideas that can make a difference.
No matter what your interests, you’re likely to find an interesting career path within the broad field of engineering. Almost every field has embraced the need to make innovation and advancement a part of their core competency, hence with an engineering degree, landing an exciting job is more possible today than it ever was.